GSA leads federal participation in two LA public-private sustainability partnerships

By Danielle Bogni

312 North Spring Street

The U.S. Courthouse at 312 North Spring Street
already exceeds 2025 goals.


As the Federal Government’s leader in sustainability, GSA and its employees have taken on the mantle of fostering sustainable communities where they live and serve. In the Los Angeles area, the agency has committed several of its high-performance green buildings to reducing their energy usage by joining two energy initiatives, the Los Angeles Better Buildings Challenge (LA BBC) and the Los Angeles 2030 District (LA 2030).

“GSA is taking a collaborative approach to sustainability by participating in these types of challenges,” said Regional Administrator Ruth Cox. “The LA Better Buildings Challenge and the LA 2030 District not only provide an opportunity for us to learn from the sustainable practices of innovative thinkers in private industry and local government, they also provide a forum to showcase the successes GSA has achieved in our own real estate portfolio.”

The Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge supports commercial and industrial building owners by providing technical assistance and proven solutions to energy efficiency. The City of Los Angeles has taken the challenge one step further and formed the LA BBC. GSA is partnering with the city in this challenge.




The following government-owned buildings are committed to reducing their energy usage by 20 percent by 2020:

  • Edward R. Roybal Federal Building (255 East Temple Street)
  • Federal Building (300 North Los Angeles Street)
  • U.S. Courthouse (312 North Spring Street)
  • Federal Building (1340 West 6th Street)
  • Federal Building (11000 Wilshire Boulevard)
  • Parking Garage (1260 South Sepulveda Boulevard)

The second challenge, LA 2030, seeks to create a groundbreaking high-performance building district in downtown Los Angeles. Participants work towards realistic, measurable, and innovative strategies to assist property owners, building managers, and tenants in meeting sustainability goals that reduce environmental impacts. All participating organizations have agreed to rally around the common energy use reduction target of 10 percent below the national average by 2015, with incremental targets reaching 50 percent by 2030.

The GSA buildings participating in the LA 2030 challenge include the Federal Building at 300 North Los Angeles Street and the U.S. Courthouse at 312 North Spring Street located in downtown Los Angeles. These two buildings are already exceeding the 2025 reduction goals and are well on their way to achieving the 2030 energy reduction targets.

Whether reduction targets are achieved through a healthy competition amongst various organizations or sustainable efforts are implemented on an individualized basis at home or work, achieving reduction of any caliber is a tremendous accomplishment.

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Last Reviewed 2014-05-15