GSA Buildings in Houston win EPA Green Awards  

Press Release

Greater Southwest Region

June 25, 2014


GSA Buildings in Houston win EPA Green Awards 


Dallas, TX -- Today, the U.S. General Services Administration’s received three Federal Green Challenge Awards from the Environmental Protection Agency at an event held at the EPA Headquarters in Dallas, TX.  The FGC is a national effort under EPA's Sustainable Materials Management Program, challenging GSA and other federal agencies throughout the country to reducing the federal government's environmental impact. 


GSA serves as the federal government's landlord, delivering the best value in real estate to federal agencies while focusing on improvements in sustainability.  Two GSA owned properties in Houston received awards for improvements in waste and energy target areas.  The Houston Custom House decreased their natural gas usage from 93,625 cubic feet in 2012 to zero cubic feet in 2013, resulting in a 100 percent  improvement.  The One Justice Park Drive Federal Building increased the amount of municipal solid waste recycled from 6.16 tons in 2012 to 56.45 ton in 2013, resulting in an 816 percent improvement.  Today’s awards show GSA’s commitment to reduce its environmental footprint and prove that going green saves green.


Results of the FY 2013 Challenge show that FGC participants:

  • diverted nearly 523,000 tons of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW; more commonly known as trash or garbage) and  C&D (Construction andDemolition) waste from landfills;
  • saved over 620,000 gallons of fuel oil,
  • saved 1.7 billion cubic feet of natural gas;
  • reduced fleet distance traveled by 16.5 million miles and
  • sent 1765 tons of end of life electronics to third party certified recyclers.
  • resulted in an estimated cost savings over $42 million to American taxpayers.


“GSA’s achievements in the Federal Green Challenge reflect GSA’s commitment to making a more sustainable government,” said GSA Regional Administrator Sylvia Hernandez.  “Meeting the FGC goals in the areas of waste, water and energy contribute to reducing our environmental footprint and result in cost savings to the American taxpayer.  I am proud to represent an agency that strives to deliver the best value in real estate and acquisition services.”





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