Santa Ana Federal Building reaches donation milestone for Feds Feed Families

By Brianna Burke

Taghrid Darsso and David Lester of U S Citizenship and Immigration Services

Taghrid Darsso and David Lester of USCIS. Taghrid has
personally donated more than 1,000 pounds of food.

Tenants of the Santa Ana Federal Building (SAFB) in Southern California are truly knocking out hunger during this year’s Feds Feed Families food drive. The federal building houses 750 employees from multiple tenant agencies in downtown Santa Ana. To date, their donation tally stands at approximately 1,200 pounds of food.

The SAFB tenants work hard to beat their best every year in the Feds Feed Families campaign. This year, Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) employee Taghrid Darsso personally donated more than 1,000 pounds of food. Traditionally, food drive participants who donate more than 250 pounds of food are considered “Hall of Famers”. At 1,000 pounds donated, Darsso joins the ranks of “Platinum Hall of Famers” for her spirit of giving and will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at the Fed Feed Families closing ceremonies.

“My generosity comes from knowing that many people are hungry all around us each and every day,” said Darsso. “I’m more than happy to donate what I can.”

Brianna Burke, SAFB building manager, helped coordinate her building’s campaign this year and worked with a local food bank on behalf of her tenants.

“Other agencies and their staffs see the outpouring of donations and it motivates them to donate more. Working with our tenants and the local food bank to set up the annual Feds Feed Families campaign is easy, and it’s fun to get creative with it.”

Each year USCIS and GSA order a number of donation boxes and locate them throughout the building to make it easy for folks to drop off items.With email reminders, posters, and personal visits from both agencies, the donations keep coming in. SAFB’s goal is to donate 1,500 pounds of food and items by the August 27th deadline.

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Last Reviewed 2014-08-07