Common Acquisition Platform

The Common Acquisition Platform (CAP) program is leading or contributing to a number of efforts to transform GSA's acquisition processes and systems.

CAP initiatives have the goal of providing the acquisition professional with a more integrated, comprehensive suite of knowledge and data as well as a better toolset of systems to support enhanced execution.

Highlighted CAP projects:

  • Analytics as a Service (AaaSSM);
  • Contract Writing System as a Service (CWSS)
  • Responsibility Determination Pilot, and
  • eBuy Open (currently live on the Acquisition Gateway)

Analytics as a Service (AaaSSM)

For data solutions, one example of a shared service currently under development is Analytics as a Service (AaaSSM). AaaSSM will empower the acquisition community to better leverage vast stores of data to enable more informed and effective acquisition decisions that promote smarter, more holistic enterprise buying behavior.

Contract Writing System as a Service (CWSS)

CWSS offers a turnkey contract writing and administration solution. The CWSS application is a shared service that can both be tailored to any federal agency's contracting system and has the capability of being integrated into its existing financial and operational applications. Through the use of CWSS, agencies are provided a cloud-based SaaS that guides the contracting and program offices through the contract process from planning and requisition creation to solicitation publishing and award to eventual closeout. CWSS follows a workflow process methodology and provides real-time notifications of work in progress and metrics on actions progressing through lifecycle states, all while GSA handles ongoing operations and maintenance.

Responsibility Determination Pilot

CAP is working on an effort to determine if a customized application can meaningfully contribute to the process of responsibility determination as required in FAR 9.104. A pilot effort is underway with a potential solution coming online in FY18. The objective is a self-learning application that incorporates machine learning and predictive analytics to retrieve, analyze and artifact data enabling enhanced decision making. The potential solution will assist contracting officers in improving accuracy and reducing time in accomplishing FAR 9.104 requirements.

eBuy Open

As part of the ongoing efforts related to category management, GSA has developed a new query tool to provide improved access to eBuy RFQs. The new tool – eBuy Open – is currently available through the Acquisition Gateway.

eBuy Open is an interactive application that displays open, closed, and cancelled eBuy RFQ information (order level information is not available). The tool also provides filtering and searching options that enable users to quickly drill down by agency, status, GSA Schedule, SIN, and date. Users can also search by description or title.

Download the eBuy Open User Guide [PDF - 1.67MB] 

We welcome your feedback and input on the tool.

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