Advice Letters and Resolutions

The Green Building Advisory Committee provides expert advice to GSA’s Office of Federal High-Performance Green Buildings to advance the greening of the Federal building portfolio. Following are resolutions and advice letters approved by the Committee and presented to GSA. As the products of an independent advisory committee, these proposals may or may not be consistent with current GSA policy.


Approved April 28, 2016:

Approved September 10, 2014:  

  • Advice Letter:  Recommendations for the Adoption of Net Zero Energy Buildings by All Federal Agencies

Approved November 12, 2013:  

  • Resolution:  Cost of Carbon in Portfolio Decision Making
    • "All federal building investment, design, construction, retrofit and location decisions should incorporate the social cost of carbon, including carbon from energy use and embedded in materials. The cost of carbon referenced should be the most current calculation as updated by the US Office of Management and Budget.”
Last Reviewed 2016-07-12