Downing Reservoir Project

Heavy equipment working at Downing ReservoirThe Denver Federal Center (DFC) is a federal office park complete with laboratory, storage and office space. The DFC is operated by GSA and houses more than 28 different government agencies. During World War II, the DFC was the site of the Denver Ordnance Plant, a munitions manufacturing plant for the war effort. Due to the variety of prior activities on the campus and its long history, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and GSA formally agreed to investigate whether these prior activities had any detrimental or lasting impact on the environment and remediate impacts as needed. 

Project update:

The remediation phase of the Downing Reservoir Project was completed ahead of schedule last fall. What’s happening now? GSA and ECC are now in the pond reconstruction phase. Nearly 40,000 tons of clean material has been imported (to date) and regrade excavated areas and reconstruct the pond!

Liner installation activities to reconstruct the new pond at Downing Reservoir has begun! Once complete, the pond, which will double in size, will be a safe, usable space for tenants to enjoy!

Groundwater treatment operations are underway on the Downing Reservoir Project. GSA and ECC have installed a subgrade water collection system to transport groundwater for treatment.

Gate 2 remains closed to employees and deliveries until spring, so that the contractor can isolate operations to the already damaged lanes. The lanes will be repaired in spring 2017, and the gate will return to normal operations.  

Alternate traffic routes are: 

Gate 1 - Exit to S. Kipling Street
Gate 4 - Exit to Union Boulevard 
Gate 5 - Exit to Routt Street
Gate 7 - Exit to West Alameda Avenue

Over the next several months, activities to be performed are as follows:

Install groundwater trench and treatment system,
Backfill pond,
Install pond liner,
Install outlet structure and pipe. 

As a result of the project, the pond will expand from its original size of 4.5 acres to 9 acres.  It will be filled with historically decreed irrigation water from Clear Creek that will be used on the DFC.  A peninsula and park bench areas will be constructed to create aesthetic and usable areas for the public, as well as plantings of wetlands and native flowers to promote pollinating species.  

Downing Reservoir ExcavatedGSA is working in partnership with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment on this project For more information, please download our project fact sheet.

For more project details, see the Downing Reservoir Fact Sheet [PDF 702 KB] and Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment.

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Last Reviewed 2017-03-06