Auburn Weeping Willow Tree Selected as Heritage Tree

Release Date: Nov. 28, 2014

A 40 foot tall Weeping Willow tree outside of GSA’s Northwest/Arctic Regional Office Building has been named a Heritage Tree by the city of Auburn, Washington. The Auburn Urban Tree Board nominated tree as part of the city’s Tree City USA program. A heritage tree is typically a large, individual tree with unique value, which is considered irreplaceable. The major criteria for heritage tree designation are age, rarity, and size, as well as aesthetic, botanical, ecological, and historical value. The Regional Administration building and this tree have a rich history in Auburn. The complex has been here since the 1940s.  GSA purchased it in 1961 and built the administration building in 1964. Although there are no records indicating how long the tree has been here, given its size it has graced this campus for a long time. As the nation’s largest landlord, GSA strives to create attractive landscapes that are in balance with the local landscape. This tree certainly contributes to that philosophy.

(Left to Right) Greater Puget Sound Service Center Director Linda Chandler, Northwest/Arctic Region Regional Administrator George Northcroft, Mayor Nancy Backus,  and Services Center Division Director Kimberly Gray share the spotlight into front of a 40-foot Willow Tree outside of the Northwest/Arctic Region Regional Office Building.

Last Reviewed 2015-11-23