How GSA Employees Obtain a GSA Access Card

HSPD Same ID CardThe GSA Access Card serves as the identity badge for GSA employees and contractors. It uses smart card technology to provide reliable and secure identity verification.

GSA employees and contractors are required to use their Access Card, along with a Personal Identification Number (PIN), to log into their computer and GSA networks providing more secure and user-friendly access to information.

Step 1. Provide Information Required for Sponsorship

Provide the information requested by your Human Resource Officer (HRO) for sponsorship. Your HRO will then provide the information to an Access Card POC in Human Resources to sponsor you. If you had a previous GSA Access Card, the Access Card POC in HR may update your previous sponsorship record rather than creating a new record. If you have any questions, contact your HRO who is assisting you in the on-boarding process.

Step 2. Schedule an Enrollment Appointment

Once sponsorship is complete, you will receive an e-mail from to schedule an enrollment appointment or to inform you that enrollment is not required if you had enrolled with a previous agency. Follow the email's instructions to create a user account on the Managed Service Office (MSO) scheduling website and schedule an appointment at an enrollment center. Save your user account information to schedule your GSA Access Card activation appointment at a later date. Contact your HRO if you have any problem scheduling an enrollment appointment.

Step 3. Complete Enrollment

Bring two forms of acceptable identification (ID) to the enrollment appointment. The Registrar at the enrollment station will take your photograph and electronic fingerprints. Contact your HRO to confirm that you have completed enrollment. Reach out to your HRO if you have any problem completing enrollment.

Step 4. Get a Temporary Badge or Building Pass (If Applicable)

If your GSA Access Card is not available on your start date, you may be able to obtain a temporary “T” badge or building pass. A “T” badge or building pass would enable unescorted access to your GSA facility while you wait to receive your GSA Access Card. Speak to your HRO about how to obtain a “T” badge or building pass for your location.

Step 5. Pick Up and Activate Your GSA Access Card

Follow the instructions in the email from your Regional Credentialing Officer (RCO) or MSO to pick up and activate your GSA Access Card. Bring an acceptable identification (ID) and the temporary badge (if applicable) to pick up your GSA Access Card. Use the same username and password that you used to schedule the enrollment appointment on the MSO scheduling website to schedule the activation appointment. After activating your Access Card, you must connect your computer directly to the GSA network and perform a system reboot before using Virtual Private Network (VPN) remote access.

If you picked up and activated a replacement Access Card or updated the certificates on your Access Card:

  • After activating your replacement card or updating your card certificates, you must connect your computer from a GSA office directly to the GSA network and reboot your computer before gaining Virtual Private Network (VPN) remote access. Your new or updated card will not work with VPN unless you do this.
  • If you use your Access Card to log on to a GSA IT application, you may continue to use your current Access Card to log on to the application while your replacement card is produced. However, after you pick-up and activate your replacement card, it may take up to one hour before you can log on to the application with your new GSA Access Card. Similarly, it may take up to one hour before you can log on to the application with your GSA Access Card after you’ve updated your card certificates.

Returning Your GSA Access Card

When their employment in concluded, GSA employees should return their Access Cards to their supervisors. 

GSA issues Personal Identify Verification (PIV) cards to contractors and employees that require routine access to GSA facilities and IT resources.  PIV cards are also known as ‘GSA Access Cards.’  GSA Access Cards must be promptly returned when they are no longer needed. The prompt return of GSA Access Cards when they are no longer needed is essential to maintaining GSA building security and access to IT resources.


Last Reviewed 2016-09-20