How to Order with FSSI Print Management

The most effective and streamlined steps for deploying a solution through FSSI Print Management are as follows:

  1. Review internal data or data from fleet assessment of agency’s legacy devices to determine actual output requirements.
  2. Determine if changes in businesses' processes will drive an increase or decrease in output volume for procured period of performance.
  3. Develop a Statement of Work (SOW), Statement of Objectives (SOO), Performance Work Statement (PWS), etc., and Request For Quote (RFQ) that specifically identifies the appropriate volume band for each requirement and establish evaluation criteria.
  4. Determine whether the agency will need to customize the basic Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) Configuration and Service Level Agreement (SLA); incorporate those requirements into the Order SOW/PWS.

    NOTE: Please reference Appendix B-Device Specifications and Service Level Agreement and leverage to maximum extent possible. If increased/decreased Device Functionality or SLA is required, an agency can identify specific needs in requirements that deviate from the BPA awarded solution.

  5. Follow ordering instructions outlined in the Ordering Guide attached on this page; RFQ process can and should occur through the GSA eBuy tool. Functional Area (FA) 1 vendors are identified in eBuy as “FSSIPRNTASSESS”. FA2 vendors are identified in eBuy as “FSSIPRNTDEVICE”. For an eBuy training demo, please see attached powerpoint training.
  6. Conduct evaluations and complete price analysis
  7. Report award to the FSSI Print Management Program Management Office (PMO) within 10 business days (
  8. Enter Order into Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS): The FSSI Print Management BPAs are part of the FPDS record as BPAs. Select "Create a BPA Call" when inputting the record into FPDS and choose the BPA number as the primary contract number.
  9. Perform contract administration and quality assurance activities.

Please see the FSSI Print Management Document Library for Ordering Guide, Task Order Templates, etc.

Last Reviewed 2016-01-13