This Recovery project has created jobs for many people in the Bakersfield area. Andres Chavez is part of the construction team ensuring the building reaches the highest performance and energy-efficiency standards.

Helping Build Community

The new Recovery Act-funded U.S. courthouse in Bakersfield, Calif., will enhance the civic center of the city. The courthouse will be adjacent to the Bakersfield Central Park and is designed by award-winning architect Steve McConnell to capitalize on its location. Large windows will offer those inside the lobby sweeping views of the park and water landscape along the western side of the building.

Clean sightlines, natural lighting, and thoughtful acoustic design elements are integrated throughout the courthouse. The building will use energy at maximum efficiency and will be the first in the country to use “chilled beam” technology to cool the building. The courthouse is expected to receive a minimum silver rating in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design from the U.S. Green Building Council, an achievement paramount in all GSA Recovery Act projects.

The building will be completed in 2012 and will house the U.S. Magistrate Court, U.S. Marshals Service, and U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services.

The project has created jobs for many people in the Bakersfield area. Andres Chavez, a construction laborer, was struggling to find work until the Bakersfield project changed his fortunes. Watch his story.

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Last Reviewed 2015-03-20