Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions

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Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) is:

  • A comprehensive solution-based vehicle to address all aspects of federal agency information technology telecommunications, and infrastructure requirements.
  • In pre-award status.
  • The follow-on contract vehicle for Networx, WITS3, and the Local Telecommunications Services contracts.
  • Planned to be available for agency use in FY17 with a period of performance of 15 years.
  • The first contract to implement the Network Services 2020 (NS2020) strategy.

Network Services 2020 (NS2020) is GSA’s strategy for the next generation of telecommunications and information technology (IT) infrastructure services. NS2020 provides a roadmap for the future of GSA’s Network Services Programs (NSP).

Refer to the EIS List of Services [PDF - 270.5 KB] to learn about EIS service areas and offerings.

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EIS will deliver these benefits:

For agency customers

  • Streamlined contract administration, including catalog-based offerings;
  • Focus on solutions over technologies (one-stop shopping);
  • Future-proof contracts (price management mechanism, 15-year POP);
  • Simplified pricing, including simplified CLIN structure; and
  • Enhanced management and operations support.

For industry service providers

  • Reduced entry requirements for services and geographic coverage; and
  • Ability to leverage provider commercial systems, with fewer government-unique requirements.

EIS represents a successful collaboration to build on the lessons learned from previous programs.

It incorporates feedback from GSA’s Interagency Advisory Panel and multiple RFIs and exchanges of information with industry.

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