Overtime Utilities: Reference Section

Overtime Utilities Reference Materials

  •  OU Desk Reference Guide [PDF - 876.76 KB]  Document is the complete Desk Reference Guide for the Overtime Utilities Program.
  • Power Conversion Formulas [PDF - 986.28 KB]  Document outlining the different types of equipment, their conversion factor and average preventative maintenance.
  • OU Tenant Appeals [PDF - 58.91 KB]  Document describing the process for tenants to appeal an OU estimate.
  • OU Estimate Review Checklist [PDF - 154.65 KB]  Document list out the items that OU Reviewers look at when reviewing OU Estimates.
  • OU Process Flow Diagram [JPEG - 65.71 KB]  Document to display the Overtime Utilities Process Flow from request for service to submitting a signed RWA.
  • OU Estimate Help Tool [XLS - 222.76 KB]  Document that explains the different fields on the estimate for the user, including where the data comes from and how to validate it.
  • OU Audit Protocol [PDF - 262.12 KB]  Document describes the Overtime Utilities auditing protocols for conducting virtual and on site audits of OU estimates for completeness and accuracy.

Sub-Metering Reference Materials

Reference Links

  • Sustainability Facility Tool: Tool that walks thru the different parts of a facility and explains them all, including HVAC, Lighting, Sub-metering, and others.
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