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 A Look Back at the Last 8 Years:

GSA has provided the best value in real estate, acquisitions and technology to the American people. Below are highlights of projects and initiatives over the last eight years, including a memo from GSA's Administrator on what GSA has accomplished for partner agencies and the American people.

Administrator's Exit Memo: Improving Government Operations [PDF - 189.5KB]

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Economic Catalyst

April 6, 2016
GSA Administrator Denise Turner Roth discusses making it easier to work with the government. 

GSA strategically uses the resources that we have to carry out the agency mission to spur economic development among communities across the nation. These practices have contributed to reducing our environmental footprint, creating valuable savings, and serving the communities where we reside in a positive way.

Key Initiatives:

Each year, tens of billions of dollars go through GSA contracts, including more than$30 billion in FY14 on the Multiple Award Schedules program. With this significant volume of sales, we must ensure that our agency is providing opportunities for suppliers across the board, including small businesses, young businesses, and businesses not familiar with working with the government.

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Recognizing GSA’s significant economic impact on the neighborhoods in which Federal agencies reside, we will work to maximize our positive impact on communities. The Federal presence within these communities determines where employees go every day and how accessible the jobs in those buildings are to the surrounding communities. GSA will renew efforts to support local and regional planning and economic development goals, wherever possible, through its real estate portfolio decisions.

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Proactive Federal Partner

GSA anticipates the future needs of our customer agencies to make smarter more strategic decisions that provide better value to our stakeholders. GSA often collaborates with customer agencies to devise strategies and offer support to provide superior service to the American people and we have to continue to expand our outreach and increase our partnerships.

August 18, 2015
GSA Administrator Denise Turner Roth discusses what being a proactive federal partner means for GSA.

Key Initiatives:

GSA interacts with millions of customers, including agency acquisition professionals, building tenants, consumers of GSA consulting and technology solutions and the American public at large. By putting customers at the core of our business, GSA can ensure that business lines work together toward common, customer-centric outcomes.

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Category Management is a commercial best practice the federal government is applying to buy smarter and act more like a single enterprise. It is the governance framework for agencies to reach broad agreement on common requirements and develop the sourcing strategy to meet the need. Throughout the process, it involves developing market expertise and leveraging shared best practices, sourcing strategies, and demand management solutions, organized around core categories of goods and services the government buys.

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As the manager of 370 million square feet of Federal government office space, GSA can have a significant impact on workplace quality for over one million Federal employees. This is a critical factor in achieving high employee engagement and performance. By reducing and modernizing the Federal Government real estate footprint, we will produce workplaces that allow agencies to better collaborate and recruit top talent.

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The government relies on technology in some way in virtually every process or interaction. GSA has always been a government leader in helping agencies use technology, from piloting new technologies internally to helping agencies procure IT to building government-wide platforms. GSA’s role is becoming increasingly important as agencies look to technology to improve service and save money,

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Operational Excellence

GSA ensures our internal processes are efficient and representative of the environment in which we operate. This includes appropriate checks and balances to attain the highest level of performance while maintaining strong morale. Integrity, Transparency and Teamwork are the top line of every performance plan, universal for all of us.

September 2, 2015
GSA Administrator Denise Turner Roth discusses what operational excellence means for GSA.

Key Initiatives:

GSA knows that its most important asset is its people. An optimized workforce is one that is engaged, high-performing, diverse, and right-sized for the needs of the organization. GSA can best achieve its mission with an optimized workforce that feels connected to the mission, knows its talents are being utilized, and performs under an environment of high morale and satisfaction.

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Measuring, monitoring and communicating how GSA operates against planned targets and goals leads to better results for customers and the public. Managing operations in this manner also allows GSA employees to understand how they contribute, what is expected of them, and how they are performing.

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GSA continues to make progress in ensuring that data-driven decisions are genuinely at the core of all key business processes. The agency empowers employees to make decisions based on objective facts and strives to ensure access to quality data reporting. GSA team members at all levels will benefit from getting easier access to data from across the organization, encouraging cross-office collaboration and developing new insights.

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