FAQs for TSPs

PayPort Express is a collaborative, web-based platform that automates the entire invoicing, pre-payment audit (Freight only), approval and payment process between GSA agencies and their Transportation Service Providers (TSPs), specifically for the Freight, the Centralized Household Goods Traffic Management Program (CHAMP) and Transportation, Delivery, Relocation Services (TDRS) 653-7 programs. This solution is provided by GSA in partnership with Citi and Syncada from Visa.

PayPort Express provides the following core services to participating GSA agency customers and TSPs:

  • Receive Bills of Lading (BOL) from agency customer;
  • Receive invoices from TSPs on behalf of the agency customer;
  • Pay TSPs for the invoices approved by the customer;
  • Make payment to TSPs on behalf of the agency customers for shipments invoiced; and
  • Provide reporting and supply chain business intelligence on transportation program spend.
Citi is proud to partner with GSA to offer PayPort Express to GSA TSP’s using the Syncada Network.Syncada, formerly known as PowerTrack, is a network of shippers and TSP’s that facilitates payables for shippers and receivables for TSP's.
The network uses unique electronic invoicing and document matching capabilities to automate the payment processes between participating GSA agencies and their respective TSPs. In addition to the payment automation benefits, TSPs are paid immediately upon approval of the invoice instead of contracted payment terms, significantly reducing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). Participation provides TSPs access to powerful and unique reporting capabilities that provide detailed customer, invoicing, and supply chain business intelligence. PayPort Express also provides a unique user interface where all documents can be searched, viewed and negotiated between shippers and TSPs.

AYes, this program is a requirement for all GSA FMP, CHAMP and TDRS 653-7 TSPs. TSPs will be required to provide invoice information to PayPort Express through the Syncada network. Agencies participating in PayPort Express will make payment to the TSP through the system. If a corresponding agency has not been implemented onto the system, TSPs must submit a copy of the final invoice to the Syncada platform. Electronic copies are preferred.

Preferred method is that final invoice is sent to Syncada electronically (EDI 210 for Freight, EDI 859 for HHG). Paper copies can also be sent. Specific data elements required by GSA will be sent to all TSPs.

Paper invoices will not be necessary for Network participating carriers invoicing network participating agencies, as all invoicing functionality is available via TSP EDI or, via the collaborative interface.

TSPs that are paid immediately upon invoice approval through the Network from a participating agency will pay a small trade finance fee as a percentage of the invoice. The fee generally works out to be far less than it would cost you to fund this receivable, resulting in savings for you. If a corresponding Agency has not been implemented into the system, TSPs will not be paid through the Network and will not pay a trade finance fee. Other fees may apply based on additional services selected by the carrier. If you are new to the Network, these fees will be covered in the sign-up process.

To learn more about the service, the enrollment process and to receive the Setup Package, including pricing details, call (888) 617-7173, email payportexpress@citi.com or visit the Getting Started web page.

Once all of the documentation has been approved, it typically takes less than a week for you to be set up in the system and have access. If you are going to do electronic invoice integration, it can take a little longer as setup and testing must be completed.

No. If you are currently a carrier on the Syncada Network, we will establish a trading partnership for you and you’ll be ready to go!

Yes it is.

Last Reviewed 2017-05-02