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Number Name Revision
GSA1 Directive Clearance Sheet Obsolete
SFSAC Data Collection Form on Reporting for Audits Obsolete
SF2A General Provisions, Certification, and Instructions - US Government Lease for Real Property Obsolete
SF2B US Government Lease for Real Property (Short Form) Obsolete
OF5 Inquiry as to Availability Obsolete
SF7B Employee Record Obsolete
OF10 U.S. Government Memorandum Obsolete
OF16 Sales Slip Obsolete
GSA19 Designation of Authorized Representative Obsolete
SF19B Representations and Certifications - Construction and Architect/Engineer Contract Obsolete
GSA20 Office of Finance Signature Form Obsolete
OF21 Cross Reference Obsolete
GSA22 Employee Identification Credential Obsolete
SF23 Construction Contract Obsolete
SF23A General Provisions (Construction Contract) Obsolete
GSA26 Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tag Obsolete
GSA28 Work Order Obsolete
GSA33 Report on Procurement by Civilian Executive Agencies Obsolete
SF33A Solicitation Instructions and Conditions Obsolete
SF36 Continuation Sheet Obsolete
SF37 Report on Procurement by Civilian Executive Agencies Obsolete
SF46 US Government Motor Vehicle Operator's ID Card Obsolete
SF47 Physical Fitness Inquiry for Motor Vehicle Operators Obsolete
GSA48 Request and Record of Identification Obsolete
SF49 Federal Employees Group Life Insurance Program Obsolete
SF50A Notice of Short Term Employment Obsolete
SF50B Notification of Personnel Action (Marginally Punched) Obsolete
GSA54 Description of Property Submitted for Possible Leasing to the Federal Government Obsolete
OF59 Contract Price Proposal Obsolete
OF60 Contract Pricing Proposal - Research and Development Obsolete
OF61 Subcontracting Program Quarterly Report of Participating Large Companies on Subcontract Commitments Obsolete
SF61B Declaration of Appointee Obsolete
SF63 Memorandum of Call Obsolete
SF65A U.S. Government Messenger Envelope - Small Obsolete
SF65B U.S. Government Messenger Envelope - Medium Obsolete
SF65C U.S. Government Messenger Envelope - Large Obsolete
OF67 Activity Schedule Obsolete
SF69 Incentive Awards Program Annual Report Obsolete
OF71A Fragile (Large Label) Obsolete
SF71 Request for Leave or Approved Absence Obsolete
GSA72 Contractor's Report of Orders Received Obsolete
GSA72A Contractor's Report of Sales Obsolete
OF74 Method 50 Package Label (Large) Obsolete
SF78 Certificate of Medical Examination Obsolete
OF80 999 Label Small Obsolete
OF81 999 Label Large Obsolete
SF81A Space Requirements Worksheet Obsolete
SF82 Agency Report of Motor Vehicle Data Obsolete
OF86 Personal Data Warning Label Obsolete
SF86A Continuation Sheet for SF86, SF85, and SF85-P Obsolete
SF87A Fingerprint Chart Obsolete
SF91A Investigation Report of Motor Vehicle Accident Obsolete
SF94 Statement of Witness Obsolete
SF114C-1 Sale of Government Property - Special Sealed Bid Conditions Obsolete
SF114C-2 Sale of Government Property - Special Sealed Bid Terms and Conditions Obsolete
SF114C-3 Sale of Government Property - Special Spot Bid Conditions Obsolete
SF114C-4 Sale of Government Property - Special Auction Conditions Obsolete
SF119 Contractors Statement of Contingent or Other Fees Obsolete
SF121 Annual Report of Utilization and Disposal of Excess Personal Property Obsolete
SF123B Transfer Order - Surplus Personal Property - Certifications, Agreements, and Assurances Obsolete
SF129 Solicitation Mailing List Application Obsolete
SF132 Apportionment and Reapportionment Schedule Obsolete
GSA135 Requisition for Photographic Services Obsolete
SF135A Records Transmittal and Receipt (continuation) Obsolete
SF136 Annual Summary of Records Holdings Obsolete
OF141 Application for Service Credit Obsolete
SF145 Telephone Service Request Obsolete
SF149 U.S. Government National Credit Card Obsolete
SF150 Deposit Bond - Individual Invitation - Sale of Government Personal Property Obsolete
OF158 General Receipt Obsolete
SF171 Application for Federal Employment Obsolete
SF171A Continuation for SF171 Obsolete
SF172 Supplemental Experience and Qualifications Statement Obsolete
OF175 Certificate of Acknowledgment of Execution of an Instrument Obsolete
SF177 Statement of Physical Ability for Light Duty Work Obsolete
SF189 Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement Obsolete
SF189A Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement - Industrial/Commercial/Non-Government Obsolete
OF211 Request for Change or Establishment of an Imprest Fund Obsolete
GSA218 Certificate of Contract Completion Obsolete
SF254 Architect-Engineer and Related Services Questionnaire Obsolete
SF255 Architect-Engineer and Related Services Questionnaire for Specific Project Obsolete
SF269 Financial Status Report (Long Form) Obsolete
SF269A Financial Status Report (Short Form) Obsolete
SF272 Federal Cash Transactions Report Obsolete
SF272A Federal Cash Transactions Report (Continuation) Obsolete
GSA273 Report of Complaint Investigated Obsolete
OF274 Equipment Warranty Obsolete
GSA277 GSA General Employee Identification Card Obsolete
SF278 Executive Branch Personnel Public Financial Disclosure Report Obsolete
OF280 Uniform Tender of Rates and/or Charges for Transportation Services Obsolete
OF282 Microfiche Chargeout Record Obsolete
SF293 Notice to Separated Employee Concerning Disposition of Official Personnel Folder/Merged Records Personnel Folder and Employee Medical Folder Obsolete
OF311 Application for Garnishment Obsolete
SF362 U. S. Government Freight Loss/Damage Claim Obsolete
SF428 Tangible Personal Property Report Obsolete
SF428A Tangible Personal Property Report - Annual Report Obsolete
SF428B Tangible Personal Property Report - Final Report Obsolete
SF428C Tangible Personal Property Report - Disposition Request/Report Obsolete
SF428S Tangible Personal Property Report - Supplemental Sheet Obsolete
OF510 Applying for a Federal Job Obsolete
SF522 Medical Record - Request for Administration of Anesthesia and Performance of Operations and Other Obsolete
GSA533 Administrative Difference Statement Obsolete
GSA534 Statement of Financial Information (By Individual or Company) Obsolete
GSA544 Request, Authorization and Report of Overtime Obsolete
OF612 Optional Application for Federal Employment Obsolete
GSA618D Statement to be Submitted When Work is Performed Personally Obsolete
OF630 Leave Recipient Application Under the Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (6/99) Obsolete
OF630A Request to Donate Annual Leave to Leave Recipient (Within Agency) Under the Leave Transfer Program (6/99) Obsolete
OF630B Request to Donate Annual Leave to Leave Recipient (Outside Agency) Under the Leave Transfer Program Obsolete
GSA873_10 Annual Attendance Record - 2010 Obsolete
GSA873_11 Annual Attendance Record - 2011 Obsolete
GSA873_12 Annual Attendance Record - 2012 Obsolete
GSA873_13 Annual Attendance Record - 2013 Obsolete
OF873_10 Annual Attendance Record - 2010 Obsolete
OF873_11 Annual Attendance Record - 2011 Obsolete
OF873_12 Annual Attendance Record - 2012 Obsolete
OF873_13 Annual Attendance Record - 2013 Obsolete
GSA873A_10 Annual Attendance Record (Part Time Employees) - 2010 Obsolete
GSA873A_11 Annual Attendance Record (Part Time Employees) - 2011 Obsolete
GSA873A_12 Annual Attendance Record (Part Time Employees) - 2012 Obsolete
GSA873A_13 Annual Attendance Record (Part Time Employees) - 2013 Obsolete
OF873A_10 Annual Attendance Record (Part Time Employees) - 2010 Obsolete
OF873A_11 Annual Attendance Record (Part Time Employees) - 2011 Obsolete
OF873A_12 Annual Attendance Record (Part Time Employees) - 2012 Obsolete
OF873A_13 Annual Attendance Record (Part Time Employees) - 2013 Obsolete
GSAT947 Application for Transportation Fringe Benefits Obsolete
GSA981 ADFP Record Description Obsolete
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Number Name Revision
SF1012 Travel Voucher Obsolete
SF1012A Travel Voucher Memorandum Obsolete
GSA1015 Instructions to Contractors (Construction Contract) Obsolete
SF1034A Public Voucher for Purchases and Services Other Than Personal (Memorandum) Obsolete
SF1035A Public Voucher for Purchases and Services Other Than Personal - Memorandum, Continuation Sheet Obsolete
GSA1051 Firearms and Guard Equipment Control Register Obsolete
SF1093 Schedule of Withholdings Under the Davis-Bacon Act and/or the Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act Obsolete
OF1114 Bill for Collection Obsolete
GSA1137 Request, Proposal, and Acceptance Covering Construction Contract Modification Obsolete
SF1143 Advertising Order Obsolete
SF1164 Claim for Reimbursement for Expenditures on Official Business Obsolete
SF1165 Receipt for Cash - Subvoucher Obsolete
GSA1166A Annual Report of Real Property Leased to the United States Obsolete
SF1166 Voucher and Schedule of Payments Obsolete
SF1167 Voucher and Schedule of Payments - Continuation Sheet Obsolete
GSA1171 New Item Application Obsolete
GSA1174A Schedule (FY 1996-97) Obsolete
GSA1195 Application for Placement on GSA Register of Available Real Estate Appraisers Obsolete
GSA1202 Application for Real Property Auctioneer Contract Obsolete
SF1203 U.S. Government Bill of Lading - Privately Owned Personal Property Obsolete
GSA1209A Comparative Summary of Properties Leased to the United States Obsolete
GSA1239 Construction Management Site Data Inventory Obsolete
GSA1326 Report on Building Clearing Contract Obsolete
GSA1364B Streamlined Lease Proposal Part 1 Obsolete
GSA1364C Proposal to Lease Space - Response to Request Obsolete
GSA1364D Proposal to Lease Space - Request for Lease Obsolete
GSA1364G Proposal to Lease Space Guidance Obsolete
GSA1364i GSA1364 Instructions Obsolete
GSA1388 Stock Replenishment/Source Data Obsolete
GSA1388A Stock Replenishment/Receipt Data Obsolete
GSA1399 Qualification Application for Individual Auctioneer Obsolete
SF1411 Contract Pricing Proposal Cover Sheet Obsolete
SF1417 Pre-Solicitation Notice (Construction Contract) Obsolete
SF1420 Performance Evaluation - Construction Contracts Obsolete
SF1421 Performance Evaluation (Architect-Engineer) Obsolete
GSA1424 GSA Supplemental Provisions Obsolete
SF1426 Inventory Schedule A (Metals in Mill Product Form) Obsolete
SF1427 Inventory Schedule A - Continuation Sheet (Metals in Mill Product Form) Obsolete
SF1430 Inventory Schedule C (Work-In-Process) Obsolete
SF1448 Proposal Cover Sheet Obsolete
GSA1467 Invitation, Bid, and Award Obsolete
GSA1502 GSA Issuance Number Obsolete
GSA1519 Change Order Record Obsolete
GSA1611 Application for Shipping Instructions and Notice of Availability Obsolete
GSA1656 Inventory of Emergency Operating Records Obsolete
GSA1675 Periodic Space Inspection Obsolete
GSA1687 Register of Printing Jobs Received Obsolete
GSA1720 Request for Release of Classified Information to U.S. Industry Obsolete
GSA1728 Purchase Order/Requisition Summary Maintenance (YHA/YHC) Obsolete
GSA1812 What To Do If You Have An Accident (Rev. 9/72) Obsolete
GSA1903 Notice to Bidder (Construction Contract) Obsolete
GSA1995 Return of Payroll Document for Correction Obsolete
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Number Name Revision
GSA2048B Document Cover for Official Use Only Obsolete
GSA2056 Pre-Invitation Notice (Construction or Alteration Project) Obsolete
GSA2090 Report of GSA Data Processing Services Obsolete
GSA2157 Statement of Employment and Financial Interests Obsolete
GSA2428 Request for Authorization of Additional Classification(s), Rate(s), and Fringe Benefit(s) Obsolete
GSA2458 Mail Log Inactive
GSA2480A List of Defects or Omissions (continuation sheet) Obsolete
GSA2507 GSA Vacancy Announcement Obsolete
GSA2559 Daily Report of Receipt Processing Time from Receiving to Locator Obsolete
GSA2637 Violation Notice Transmittal Obsolete
GSA2640 Register of Procurement Actions, Materials, and Supplies Obsolete
GSA2647 Detectives Report Obsolete
GSA2725 Applicant Information Obsolete
GSA2759 Value Engineering Consultant Qualification Personnel Obsolete
GSA2759A Principals and Associate Personnel Resumes of VE Qualification Obsolete
SF2809-1 Annuitant/OWCP Health Benefits Election Form Obsolete
GSA2820 Guard Contractor Inspection Report Obsolete
GSA2891 Instructions to Users of Federal Supply Schedules Obsolete
GSA2893 Review for Supervisors Obsolete
GSA2936 Data, Facsimile, and Record Telecommunications System Summary Obsolete
GSA2936A Dial-Up and Point-to-Point Data, Facsimile, and Record Telecommunications Services Obsolete
GSA2936B Data, Facsimile, and Record Telecommunications Services Serving Computers Obsolete
GSA2936C Data, Facsimile, and Record Telecommunications Multiplexing/Concentrating Services Obsolete
GSA2936D Multi-Point Data, Facsimile, and Record Telecommunications Services Obsolete
GSA2938 NEAR ACT Number Control Obsolete
GSA2941 Parking Application Obsolete
GSA2945 Business Promotion and Counseling Record Obsolete
GSA2946 Screener's Identification Obsolete
GSA2951 NEAR Input Transmittal Obsolete
GSA2956 Printing and Duplicating Price Worksheet Obsolete
GSA2959 FBF Supplementary Time Summary Obsolete
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Number Name Revision
GSA3049 FBF Recurring Service Input Document Variable Contracts Obsolete
GSA3076 Request, Authorization, Agreement and Certification of Training Obsolete
GSA3076A Waiver of Limitations Obsolete
GSA3076B Documentation and Certification of No Cost Internal Training Obsolete
GSA3076C Training Course Evaluation Obsolete
GSA3142 Detail of Craft Personnel Obsolete
GSA3155 Offense/Incident Report Obsolete
GSA3157 Crime Information Obsolete
GSA3286 Intra-Budget Activity Authorization Obsolete
GSA3300 Duplicating Services Individual Agency Survey Obsolete
GSA3301 Centralized Field Duplicating Equipment Disposition Summary Obsolete
GSA3305 Appraisal of Fair Annual Rental Rate Obsolete
GSA3325 Application for Placement on Bidders Mailing List for Building Services Contracts Obsolete
GSA3332 SIBAC - NON-SIBAC Credit Adjustment Obsolete
GSA3357 Appraisal of Fair Annual Parking Rate per Space Obsolete
GSA3397 Request for ADP Support - Clearance/Action Sheet Obsolete
GSA3401 Document Summary Obsolete
GSA3402 Information Copy and Background Tab Inactive
GSA3403 Signature and Incoming Tab Inactive
GSA3415 Occupant Emergency Plan Abbreviation/Telephone Bomb Threat Checklist Obsolete
GSA3422 Individual Development Plan (IDP) Obsolete
GSA3430 Building Service Contractor Work Report Obsolete
GSA3450 Performance Plan Certification Obsolete
GSA3471A Bid Abstract (Continuation Sheet) Obsolete
GSA3472 GSA Cost Data Obsolete
GSA3481 Document Receipt Obsolete
GSA3501 Solicitation Provisions (Sealed Bid) Obsolete
GSA3502 Solicitation Provisions (Negotiated) Obsolete
GSA3503 Representations and Certifications Obsolete
GSA3504 Service Contract Clauses Obsolete
GSA3505 Labor Standards (Construction Contract)(Applicable to Contracts in Excess of $2,000) Obsolete
GSA3507 Supply Contract Clauses Obsolete
GSA3517 General Clauses (Acquisition of Leasehold Interests in Real Property) Obsolete
GSA3517C General Clauses (Short Form, Full Text) Obsolete
GSA3530 Work Space Management Plan and Budget Justification Obsolete
GSA3531 GSA Travel Center Monthly Summary Obsolete
GSA3551 Contract/Charter/Rental Aircraft Cost and Utilization Obsolete
GSA3554 Aircraft Contract Rental/Charter and Support Services Obsolete
GSA3577 Notice to Unsuccessful Offeror of Contract Award Obsolete
GSA3602A Credit Card Collection - Leases Obsolete
GSA3602C Credit Card Collection - Claims and Debts - Region 7 Obsolete
GSA3603 Recommendation for Fast Track Award Obsolete
GSA3654 Modified Work Agreement Flexible Workplace Program (Work at Home) Obsolete
GSA3654A Modified Telecommuter Work Agreement for Telework Center Obsolete
GSA3655 Work At Home Program Safety Checklist Employee Certification Obsolete
GSA3656 Supervisory-Employee Checkout List Obsolete
GSA3657 Flexiplace Renewal Agreement Obsolete
GSA3659 IMPAC Purchase Card Account Maintenance Obsolete
GSA3663 Criminal Investigations Biweekly Time Report Obsolete
GSA3669 Interagency Agreement Obsolete
GSA3674 Child Care Subsidy Application - Parent Obsolete
GSA3674A Child Care Subsidy Application - Main Provider Obsolete
GSA3685 Disaster and Emergency Operations Vendor Profile Obsolete
GSA3687 HSPD-12 Personal Identity Verification and Credentialing Handbook Revision Request Obsolete
GSA3701 Travel Training Registration Form Obsolete
GSA3716 Comments Resolution Record (Directives) Obsolete
GSA3717 Directive Comments Obsolete
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Number Name Revision
GSA4000 Directive Comment and Resolution Record Inactive
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Number Name Revision
GSA7906A New Item Introductory Schedule (NIIS) Annual Contract Review Obsolete
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Number Name Revision
GSA12001 Prelease Fire Protection and Life Safety Evaluation for a High-Rise Office Building Obsolete