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12/10/2012 Pacific Rim awards contract for new LA courthouse, takes steps to dispose of 312 Spring Street facility
12/05/2012 New, sustainable courthouse completes civic center plaza in San Diego
12/04/2012 Region completes work on international infrastructure project with Mexico
10/31/2012 Region 9, EPA commitment to 100% recycled copy paper drives prices down
10/05/2012 Region 9 commemorates the opening of the Bakersfield U.S. Courthouse
10/02/2012 Region 9's personal property team donates F-16 to aviation museum in New Jersey
09/19/2012 Border communities celebrate a new breed of GSA project
09/19/2012 Region celebrates completion of $51M project at San Francisco's U.S. Appraisers Building
09/19/2012 Hoopa Indian Tribe uses excess property to set up fish cannery
09/12/2012 Pacific Rim's LA courthouse subcontracting outreach event attracts more than 350 attendees
08/08/2012 Region 9 embraces new sustainable construction material at San Ysidro LPOE
08/07/2012 50 UNP LEEDs the way to GSA's new breed of buildings
07/26/2012 Pacific Rim opens two new GSA Global Supply™ stores in Guam
07/25/2012 Pacific Rim finds permanent home for decommissioned Boeing 737
07/19/2012 San Francisco Federal Building captures BOMA International TOBY Award
07/15/2012 Los Angeles employees build green in the community
07/15/2012 Bakersfield welcomes ARRA-funded green courthouse
07/09/2012 San Luis I lane expansion: A high impact, small price tag project
07/05/2012 Chet Holifield is a green machine
06/12/2012 Computers for Learning puts information technology in classrooms
05/24/2012 Pacific Rim hosts Asian American small business owners for Asian Pacific American Heritage month
03/21/2012 Pacific Rim celebrates out-of-this-world role