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12/31/1996 GSA Announces Year 2000 Federal Acquisition Regulation
12/31/1996 GSA Moving Ahead on Next Generation of Government Card Services
12/31/1996 GSA's New Legal Resource FEDLAW Available On Internet
12/23/1996 GSBCA Services Streamline Dispute Resolution on Major Construction Project GSA/NIH Development Agreement with Boston Properties, Inc., uses Alternative Dispute Resolution
12/20/1996 GSA, Native American Tribal Council Sign FTS2000 Service Agreement
12/19/1996 Vice President Gore Honors The Ameritech--GSA Blue Pages Telephone Book Reinvention Team
12/09/1996 FTS Releases Electronic Access Services RFP
12/04/1996 GSA To Honor Contracting Officers for Commitment to Small Business
12/04/1996 Wolfgang Zoellner Named to Head GSA's Mid-Atlantic Region
12/02/1996 GSA Issues FTS Program Strategy and Business Plan Analyses Report to Congress
12/02/1996 Administration Puts Procurement Communications Success Stories on the Internet
11/29/1996 Chistolini Appointed Deputy Commissioner of GSA's Public Buildings Service
11/26/1996 GSA Names Bibb as Head of Real Property Policy Office
11/21/1996 GSA Announces New Per Diem Rates for Federal Travelers
11/15/1996 Federal Blue Pages Project Employees ReceiveVice President's Hammer Award
11/12/1996 GSA Awards Federal Wireless Telecommunications Services Contract to GTE
11/06/1996 Odum to Head GSA's 1997 Presidential Inaugural Affairs Office
11/04/1996 GSA to Hold First Quarterly IT Exchange Nov. 19 Federal Employees Invited to Attend Session and Phone-in Questions
10/30/1996 GSA Lowers Price of Recycled Paper to Help Agencies Buy More of It; Action could potentially save over $3 million a year
10/30/1996 U.S. Marine Corps Enlists with the GSA Fleet Consolidation of 4,713 vehicles will save $13.6 million during phase-in
10/28/1996 GSA and DOD Will Jointly Administer International Direct Distance Dialing (ID3) Contract
10/28/1996 FTS Releases Virtual Data Center Services Contract RFP
10/25/1996 George F. Flynn Receives Professional Award1996 John J. Franke Professional Service Award
10/25/1996 FEDSIM Awards $51.8 Million Information Technology Task Order to SRA Corporation
10/24/1996 GSA Adds New Small Business Approach to Post FTS 2000 Technical and Management Support Contracts
10/01/1996 GSA's Barram Presents 'Good Neighbor Program' to Urban Leaders A 'Good Neighbor' and a New Partnership with America's Cities
09/30/1996 GSA Creates 'Good Neighbor Program' A New Partnership with America's Cities
09/23/1996 GSA Awards Contracts for Unrestricted Discount Air Fares on 6,100 RoutesNew fares average 62% less than unrestricted commercial fares; more routes increase service
09/11/1996 GSA Provides Government Internet Information Service
09/09/1996 GSA Awards Telecommunications Support Contract 2
08/29/1996 GSA Issues "Call for Entries" for 1996 Design Awards
08/14/1996 Ford Appointed as Head of GSA Enterprise Development Office
08/02/1996 GSA Releases Updated Databases on CD-ROM
08/01/1996 GSA Releases FTS2000 Cost-Effectiveness Study
08/01/1996 Baltimore Schools to Get 400 Computers on "TECH Day II"
07/26/1996 Release of the International Direct Distance Dialing (ID3) Request for Proposals (RFP)
07/25/1996 Amtrak Goes 'All Aboard' GSA's Vehicle Fleet Program
07/18/1996 GSA Invites Comments on FTS Metropolitan Area Acquisition Concept
07/15/1996 Three FTS Personnel Assume New Management Positions
07/12/1996 GSA To Offer Choice in Real Estate Leasing to Federal Agencies
06/27/1996 GSA Wins "TOBY" Awards for Real Estate Excellence
06/18/1996 Administrator's Statement at News Briefing on "Can't Beat GSA Leasing"
06/18/1996 Commissoner Peck's Statement at the News Briefing on "Can't Beat GSA Leasing"
06/14/1996 GSA Employees Join Super Information Highway through Intranet
06/13/1996 GSA Proposes Changes to Contracts for Government Charge/Credit Account Services
06/10/1996 Changes To WWII Memorial Design Will Ensure Open and Fair Competition
05/24/1996 Can't Beat GSA Leasing - Message from the Administrator
05/24/1996 GSA To Launch CAN'T BEAT GSA LEASING Program