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12/22/2000 GSA Offers More Sources for Seat Management Solutions
12/21/2000 MEDIA ADVISORY: The GSA Presidential Inaugural Committee Fact Sheet
12/20/2000 GSA Awards $3.6 Million VA Express Card Contract
12/20/2000 White House Presents Presidential Design Awards
12/15/2000 GSA, ASLA Partnership To Make Public Areas Friendlier
12/08/2000 GSA Improves Bottom Line, Wins World-Class Real Estate Competition
12/08/2000 Sallie McDonald appointed as new Assistant Commissioner for GSA'sOffice of Information Assurance and Critical Infrastructure Protection
12/08/2000 Federal Chief Information Officers Council Releases Security Self-Assessment Tool
12/07/2000 GSA Extends AT&T and Sprint FTS2000 Bridge Contracts
12/06/2000 GSA Helps Agencies Write the Right Thing
12/05/2000 Christopher Fornecker Named as new GSA Chief Technology Officer
11/17/2000 MEDIA ADVISORY: Presidential Transition Fact Sheet
11/16/2000 FirstGov Provides Added Services To Americans Through Partnerships Your first click to the U.S. Government
11/14/2000 Report Sheds New Light on Citizen Expectations for Electronic Government Services
11/09/2000 68 Graduate from 1,000 by the Year 2000 Program
10/26/2000 FTS Awards System Integration Task Order to UNISYS Corp. for Customer Relationship Management Pilot System
10/26/2000 FTS ANSWER Contracts Increase 300% in Second Year21 Agencies Place 600 Task Orders Worth $250 Million
10/24/2000 Canadian, Mexican, and United States Officials Meet To Talk E-Government at North American Day
10/24/2000 GSA Co-Sponsors First Annual Washington-Area Conference on Telework --Conference held on "Telework America" Day
10/19/2000 GSA Adds Interoperability Standards to Smart Card Specifications
10/16/2000 GSA Awards Local Telecommunications Services Contract in New Orleans
10/13/2000 President Clinton Honors Leadership of Three GSA Senior Executives
10/11/2000 FirstGov.Gov -- A Great New Resource
10/11/2000 GSA Holds Ceremony for its Fourth Annual Achievement Awards for Real Property InnovationAwards recognize real estate "best practices" developed by Federal agencies
10/11/2000 FirstGov.Gov ?eat New Resource for Libraries
10/06/2000 GSA Realigns Office of Information Security
10/03/2000 GSA Approves Orlando Courthouse Design
10/02/2000 Federal CIO Council Releases 2001 Strategic Plan
09/26/2000 DFAS Gets "Best Buy" Through Federal Government's Largest Ever On-Line Reverse AuctionGeneral Services Administration Officials Estimate Cost Avoidance in Excess of $2.2 Million
09/25/2000 GSA Advantage! Wins Award for Innovation in Acquisition
09/25/2000 INS Signs Memorandum of Agreement with GSA
09/25/2000 Johnson to Head Service Development at FTS
09/22/2000 Opens the Door to Finding Government Services and Information on the Internet
09/19/2000 GSA Awards ACES task order to AT&T for Access America for Students Initiative
09/19/2000 Michael W. Carleton Selected as GSA Chief Information Officer
09/19/2000 Eighty Federal Agencies Finish Move to FTS2001
09/14/2000 GSA's Federal Technology Service receives Mailing Excellence Award from National Postal Forum
09/12/2000 GSA announces the release of a new publication on the evolution of Telework
09/12/2000 GSA's Mirinda Jackson Receives Award at White House
09/11/2000 GSA's 24/7 Federal Supply Service Provides Clothing, Equipment to Fight Forest Fires
09/01/2000 GSA CIO Piatt Leaves Government for Private Post
09/01/2000 GSA Announces 2001 Per Diem Rates for Federal Travelers Rates Switch to Fiscal Year Schedule and Begin October 1, 2000 for Travel
08/31/2000 GSA Awards Local Telecommunications Services Contracts in Albuquerque and Boise
08/23/2000 GSA Invests $4 Million in Clean Air, Follows Clinton's Order for Transit Subsidy
08/21/2000 Federal Energy Management Conference Opens in Pittsburgh Energy 2000 - Expand Your Horizons
08/17/2000 Energy 2000 Conference Serves as a Model for Green Meetings
08/16/2000 GSA "City Pairs" Airline Contracts Will Save Government $2.8 Billion Next Year Government Travelers to Fly at 69% Less than Commercial Rate
08/15/2000 GSA Invites Federal and State Agencies To Learn About Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act
08/11/2000 GSA Awards FirstGov Contract to GRC International
08/03/2000 FSS Commissioner Frank Pugliese Retires to Lead Private Business
08/03/2000 GSA Appoints Donna D. Bennett as FSS Commissioner
07/31/2000 GSA Awards AT&T, Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, Winstar Communications, and Bell Atlantic Local Telecommunications Services Contracts in Boston
07/28/2000 GSA Awards FEMA ACES Digital Signature Certificates
07/25/2000 GSA Awards ACES Digital Signature Certificates to Department of Veterans Affairs
07/12/2000 GSA Approves AT&T to Operate on the ACES Contract
07/12/2000 Inaugural Class of CIO University Graduates
07/12/2000 GSA Awards AT&T, Qwest Corporation and Winstar Local Telecommunications Services Contracts in Denver
07/05/2000 GSA Advantage! Wins Web Business 50/50 Award for Online Excellence
06/30/2000 GSA Provides Technology for Digital Signature on New Legislation
06/30/2000 GSA Awards Final Millennia Lite IT Support Services Contracts
06/30/2000 GSA Awards Metropolitan Area Acquisition Contracts in Dallas
06/29/2000 GSA Takes Delivery of Ford's 15,000th Bi-Fuel Natural Gas Vehicle
06/29/2000 FirstGov -- Opening Up Government
06/27/2000 FirstGov Announcement Continues
06/22/2000 GSA and SBA Sign New 8(a) Contracting Agreement
06/16/2000 GSA Invites "Green" Small Businesses On 10-City Workshop Tour
06/16/2000 GSA Awards $80 Million Task Order to SAIC for Agriculture Risk Management Agency
06/16/2000 Agency Agreements Could Unlock Info for Buyers
06/16/2000 GSA Awards Millennia Lite IT Support Services Contracts
06/15/2000 GSA Issues "Call for Entries" for 2000 Design Awards
06/14/2000 GSA Targets Women-Owned Businesses On 10-City Workshop Tour
06/14/2000 Lorton Cleanup Under Way as GSA Continues Prison Disposal
06/14/2000 U.S./Kansas Propose Landmark Property Transfer At Sunflower Ammunition Plant
06/08/2000 GSA Awards First Annual Federal Mail Best Practice Awards
05/31/2000 GSA Awards US West and Winstar Local Telecommunications Services Contracts in Minneapolis-St. Paul
05/22/2000 GSA Presents Evergreen Award to The Refinishing Touch
05/22/2000 Furniture Industry Honors FSS Commissioner Frank Pugliese
05/19/2000 GSA Awards Government-wide Smart Card Solutions Contracts to 5 Prime CompaniesContracts Worth Maximum of $1.5 Billion Over 10 Years
05/12/2000 GSA's FedCIRC Contributed to Rapid Development of Anti-Virus Solution for "Love Letter Worm"
05/11/2000 GSA Awards Digital Signature Certificates to Two Industry Partners
05/02/2000 OGP Selects John Sindelar as Deputy Associate Administrator
04/28/2000 White House Conference on Teenagers Shown at GSA
04/27/2000 GSA Awards Local Telecommunications Services Contracts in Indianapolis and St. Louis Combined Value of Government Business Estimated at $380 Million over 8 Years
04/26/2000 GSA Awards WinStar Communications Inc. and Bell South Local Telecommunications Services Contracts in Atlanta and Miami
04/26/2000 GSA Wins Eight of 35 NEA Degisn Awards
04/26/2000 GSA's Robert A. Peck Wins Corporate Real Estate Leadership Award
04/21/2000 GSA National Furniture Center Seeks Evergreen Award Nominations
04/21/2000 GSA Awards Millennia Lite Information Technology Support Services Contracts
04/20/2000 GSA Awards Seat Management Task Order for Peace Corps
04/20/2000 GSA Builds Green as Earth Day Turns 30
04/19/2000 Security in America's Public Buildings
04/12/2000 Federal Agencies Partner To Make Electronic and Information Technology Accessible to People with Disabilities
04/11/2000 GSA Launches E-Commerce Web Site Pilot Specifically for 8(a) Small and Disadvantaged Businesses
04/07/2000 GSA's Federal Procurement Data Center Offers First DVD-ROM Product
04/07/2000 GSA Adds Managed Network Services to Sprint's FTS2001 Long Distance Telecommunications Service Contract GSA Negotiates Competitive Service Features and Coverage
04/05/2000 GSA's Hixon To Direct Construction Excellence Program
04/04/2000 GSA Unveils Online Wireless Store OfferingTomorrow's Communications Solutions Today
04/04/2000 GSA Issues First Approval To Operate on the ACES Contract
04/03/2000 Survey Shows GSA is a Good Place to Work
03/29/2000 GSA Awards Contract for Toll-Free Federal Information Center
03/29/2000 FTS Selects Charles Self as Deputy Commissioner and Robert Suda as Assistant Commissioner of ITI
03/28/2000 GSA Selects WinStar Communications Inc. for Baltimore Metro Area Local Telecommunications Services Contract Government Business Estimated to be $320 Million Over 8 Years
03/27/2000 Opportunity for Businesswomen is Meeting Focus
03/24/2000 GSA Awards Local Telecommunications Services Contracts For Cleveland and Los Angeles Metropolitan Areas Combined Value of Government Business Estimated to be $350 Million
03/23/2000 GSA Awards WinStar Communications Inc. Cincinnati Metropolitan Area Local Telecommunications Services ContractGovernment Business Estimated to be $100 Million Over 8 Years
03/22/2000 GSA Awards Satellite Service Contract to AT&T
03/20/2000 Clara Barton's Office, Saved From Destruction, Will be a Historic Site
Commission To Release "A Guide to Women's Historic Sites in Washington, D.C."
03/20/2000 GSA Statement on Distribution Reforms
03/17/2000 GSA Employees "Drive Green" in Natural Gas Shuttle Vans Clean Burning Vehicles Will Improve D.C. Metro Area Air Quality
03/16/2000 GSA Launches Pilot To Assist Employees with Child Care Expenses-- Correction
03/10/2000 Lorton Environmental Reports on Track GSA Remediation Projects Start Soon
03/07/2000 James A. Williams Named Deputy Regional Administrator: Moves to GSA's Mid-Atlantic Region
03/07/2000 Bates Chosen to Replace Fischer as GSA Commissioner of Federal Technology Service Fischer Retires after 30-Year Federal Service Career
03/07/2000 Three Organizations Collaborate To Build on the Unanticipated Benefits from Y2K
02/28/2000 Charles Fernandez Named as GSA's Special Assistant to the Administrator for the Race Initiative
02/28/2000 Robinson Appointed To Head GSA's Office of Enterprise Development
02/24/2000 GSA Transportation Business Practices Keep Pace with Industry
02/24/2000 GSA Selects Bell Atlantic and AT&T for Local Telecommunications Services Contract in Buffalo, NY Metro Area
02/17/2000 GSA Technology Leader Whitley Promoted to SES
02/16/2000 New Government Call Center and Clearinghouse Formed
02/16/2000 GSA Plans to Save Gulfport Library, Bring New Courthouse to High-School Site
02/11/2000 GSA Partners with and Netfish Technologies To Implement Rosetta Net Business Process Standards
02/07/2000 New Website for the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
02/04/2000 Ziegler Appointed Acting Regional Administrator for GSA's Mid-Atlantic Region
02/02/2000 GSA Awards New Series of Satellite Service Contracts
02/01/2000 ITRB Promotes Intergovernmental Collaboration
01/27/2000 GSA Awards Bell Atlantic DC Metropolitan Area Local Telecommunications Services Contract Government Business Under WITS2001 Could Exceed $1 Billion Over 8 Years
01/24/2000 GSA's Langfeld To Sit on FEIAA Board of Directors; Waszily Appointed to Second Term
01/11/2000 GSA Solicits Offers for Smart ID Card Products and Services
01/06/2000 Census 2000 operations and the Census-GSA Joint Venture 2000:
01/04/2000 Y2K: A Real GSA Project, Not Just the Flavor of the Month