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This is archived information. It may contain outdated contact names, telephone numbers, Web links, or other information. For up-to-date information visit pages by topic or contact our Office of Public Affairs at For a list of public affairs officers by beat, visit the GSA Newsroom.

12/08/2010 Ann Kalayil Named Regional Administrator of GSA Great Lakes Region
12/02/2010 Robert Zarnetske Named Regional Administrator of GSA New England Region
12/01/2010 GSA Becomes First Federal Agency to Move Email to the Cloud Agencywide
11/16/2010 Obama Administration Officials Unveil GreenGov Supply Chain Partnership with Industry
11/02/2010 Government Closer to Universal Cloud-Computing Security Assessment and Authorization Program
10/29/2010 GSA Moves to LEED Gold for All New Federal Buildings and Major Renovations
10/26/2010 Reaches for the Sky with Additional Cloud Services
10/25/2010 GSA Moves to Establish Telepresence Centers for Government Use
10/19/2010 Cloud-Based Infrastructure as a Service Comes to Government
10/14/2010 GSA Pursuing Smart Alternative and Renewable Energy to Power Land Port Of Entry
09/23/2010 GSA Contract Award Leads DHS Headquarters Consolidation Toward Future
09/21/2010 Launches Real-time Notifications for Important Government Information
09/09/2010 GSA’s Sustainability Plan Calls for 30 Percent Reduction of GHG Emissions
09/08/2010 GSA’s Good Neighbor Efforts Help Improve, Illuminate NOLA’s Lafayette Square
09/08/2010 El Pasoans Receive New Federal Courthouse
09/07/2010 White House Launches GSA-Created Citizen Engagement Platform
09/03/2010 Denise L. Pease Named Regional Administrator for the Northeast and Caribbean Region
09/01/2010 GSA Ranked as One of the Best Places to Work in Federal Government
08/31/2010 GSA Releases FY2011 Per Diem Rates for Federal Travel
08/27/2010 GSA to Upgrade Federal Travel Management Service to Next Generation
07/08/2010 GSA Commissioner Bob Peck, U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott and Washingtonians Kick Off Recovery Act Modernization of Seattle's Federal Center South Complex
07/06/2010 Federal Historic Lighthouses Get New Lease on Life
07/02/2010 Launches Unprecedented Citizen Access to Vital Government Services
07/01/2010 GSA Adds More Carriers and Destinations to City Pairs Federal Travel Program
06/21/2010 David Ehrenwerth Named Regional Administrator of GSA Mid-Atlantic Region
06/17/2010 Awards to GSA Leadership Highlight Agency Commitment to Open Government and Transparency
06/08/2010 GSA Solidifies Commitment to Sustainable Innovation Across Building Portfolio
06/02/2010 New Purchase Agreements for Office Supplies Established
05/27/2010 GSA Provides Innovation Challenges Platform, Drives Open Government
05/21/2010 GSA Commissioner of Public Buildings Honored for Spurring Economic Growth and Livable Communities across the District of Columbia
05/05/2010 GSA Recognizes Procurement Innovation with Ida Ustad Award
04/21/2010 American Society of Interior Designers Awards Patron's Prize to Design Excellence Program
04/19/2010 Video Contest Leverages Citizen Creativity to Inform the Public
04/15/2010 GSA Recognizes Innovation Across Government with IRMCO Awards
04/07/2010 GSA Invests $4 Billion in Green Recovery Act Construction Projects Nationwide
03/31/2010 GSA Doubles the Federal Hybrid Fleet, DOE Takes the Lead in Updating to Hybrids
03/29/2010 GSA Assists USDA With Recovery Act Modernization Effort
03/25/2010 GSA Updates Per Diem Rates in Five Locations
03/25/2010 GSA Acquisitions Aim for Better Government Buying through Online Public Dialog
02/23/2010 George Northcroft Named Regional Administrator of GSA Northwest/Arctic Region
02/23/2010 Jason Klumb Named Regional Administrator of GSA Heartland Region
02/23/2010 Shyam Reddy Named Regional Administrator of GSA Southeast Region
02/22/2010 GSA Makes Moves to Drive Sustainability Across Government
02/22/2010 How Has Made Your Life Easier?
02/19/2010 2009 Citizens Report Reflects GSA's Commitment to Responsible Stewardship of Taxpayers' Dollars
02/18/2010 GSA to Consolidate Contract Performance Databases
02/17/2010 GSA and DISA Satellite Partnership Reaches Milestone
02/10/2010 GSA to Provide Healthier Food Choices to Federal Employees
02/09/2010 Government Agencies Now Open Online for Public Participation and Input
02/04/2010 Senate Confirms Martha N. Johnson as GSA Administrator
02/01/2010 President Obama's $675 Million for GSA Budget Promotes Cost Savings through Innovative Sustainability and Efficiency Initiatives
01/27/2010 GSA Clears Way for Agencies to Meet Sustainability and Recovery Goals
01/25/2010 GSA Expands Solar Power Use in Downtown Kansas City, Kansas
01/24/2010 GSA Appoints Director and Alternate Director to Metro Board
01/19/2010 GSA Further Opens Government, Launches Online Public Dialog Tool for Agencies
01/19/2010 GSA Chief Architect Shepherd Honored by American Institute of Architects
01/04/2010 GSA Updates Federal Privately Owned Vehicle Reimbursement Rates