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12/27/2012 GSA Announces Governmentwide Travel Advisory Committee
12/17/2012 GSA Announces Date of Public Auction for Georgetown West Heating Plant
12/13/2012 GSA Awards Purchase Agreements to 43 Small Businesses for Low-Cost IT Equipment
12/10/2012 GSA Awards Contract for New L.A. Courthouse and Takes Steps to Dispose 312 Spring Street Facility
12/03/2012 GSA Seeks to Develop Federal Triangle South Area and Consolidate FBI Headquarters
11/28/2012 New GSA Dashboard Streamlines Data and Promotes Efficiency for Small Businesses and Federal Agencies
10/26/2012 GSA Seeks Sustainable Technologies to Test
10/25/2012 GSA Public Auction Saves Taxpayer Dollars
10/16/2012 Poughkeepsie Army Reserve Center Up for Sale
09/26/2012 GSA Tests Innovative Building Technologies, Aims for Savings
09/13/2012 GSA Announces Reforms and Savings at Senate Hearing
08/30/2012 GSA Announces Cloud Email Services for Federal Government
08/27/2012 GSA Saves More Than $11 Million in Initial Travel and Conference Reforms
08/22/2012 GSA Implements Cost Saving Ideas, Saves Over $5 Million
08/14/2012 GSA Freezes Federal Travel Reimbursement Rates
08/09/2012 Travel Program Saves Billions for Federal Agencies
08/02/2012 GSA Seeks Ideas to Develop Miami Courthouse
07/30/2012 Mary Davie Named Acting Federal Acquisition Service Commissioner
07/30/2012 GSA Auctions NASA Glenn Research Center
07/24/2012 GSA to Dispose of Excess Property, Save Taxpayer Dollars
07/18/2012 Federal Government Returning to World Trade Center
06/22/2012 New GSA Chief Plans to Dispose of Historic Courthouse in Downtown Los Angeles
06/21/2012 Local Energy Initiatives Save Millions at Federal Facilities
06/15/2012 GSA Meets Top Energy and Sustainability Goals
06/07/2012 GSA Announces Plan to Modernize Schedules
06/06/2012 GSA Launches Effort to Transition Federal Government to Cloud Computing
06/04/2012 GSA to Launch Next Generation Travel Management Tool
05/21/2012 GSA Seeking Stewards for 12 Historic Lighthouses
05/14/2012 New Smart Building Technology to Increase Federal Buildings Energy Efficiency
05/03/2012 GSA Releases Initial Report on Green Building Certification Systems
04/16/2012 Statement of Acting Administrator Dan Tangherlini Before the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
04/02/2012 Statement from the U.S. General Services Administration Regarding GSA Inspector General's Report on 2010 Western Regions Conference
03/28/2012 GSA Presents 2011 Evergreen Award to Five Green Businesses
03/22/2012 GSA Offers 30 Federal Buildings for Deep Energy Retrofits
03/01/2012 GSA Announces New E-Waste Policy for Federal Government
02/21/2012 GSA and DISA Expand Partnership to Provide Customized Commercial Satellite Communications Services to Federal Agencies
02/07/2012 GSA Selects the Trump Organization as Preferred Developer for DC's Old Post Office
01/27/2012 Public/private partnership saves energy and tax dollars
01/19/2012 Senior Obama Administration Officials visit Blind Center of Nevada's Recycling Program