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"Right to Sit" Plaque Unveiling Ceremony
November 02, 2016: Images of "Right to Sit" Plaque Unveiling Ceremony
Earth Week/Month Across Region 10
May 04, 2016: From e-waste collection to tree plantings, seminars on how to compost and make rain gardens, the Region enjoyed many activities for Earth Week/Month!
GSA Administrator Participates in Ribbon Cutting
March 24, 2016: Denise Turner Roth GSA Administrator participated in a ribbon cutting ceremony at The Arris, a mixed use apartment building at the Yards.
Clara Barton Missing Soldiers Office Museum Dedication Ceremony
September 01, 2015: Clara Barton Missing Soldiers Office Building Dedication Ceremony
Rocky Mountain Region Relocates Wild Beehive
March 10, 2015: When removing some trees from the Denver Federal Center, workers discovered an active beehive. What they did next may surprise you.
Small Business Outreach in Action
January 22, 2015: GSA small business professionals provide in-person counseling at GSA sponsored out-reach events.
R4 Memorial Day Ceremony 2014
June 06, 2014: Region 4 honors and remembers those who gave their lives in the Armed Forces
2014 Design Awards
April 30, 2014: The buildings honored in the 2014 GSA Design Awards.
Margaret Chase Smith Federal Building, Bangor, Maine
January 29, 2014: A closer look at some of the renovations at the Margaret Chase Smith Federal Building in Bangor, Maine.
Presidential Aircraft Historic Photos
May 21, 2013: President Clinton and Nancy Reagan were two of the many VIPs to fly on this VC-9.
Buildings in Proposed Federal Triangle South Project
October 04, 2012: GSA has issued a "Notice of Intent" to redevelop a group of buildings in Washington, D.C. into the Federal Triangle South project.
Region 10 Steps Up to Help Vandalized High School
April 12, 2012: GSA's Region 10 stepped up and donated 20 laptops, docking stations, and a printer to Seattle's Omak High School after the school was vandalized.
Federal Building Bracket Challenge 2012
March 16, 2012: Visit GSA's Facebook page ( and vote for your favorites. The building with the most votes will advance to the next round.
eWaste Photo Gallery
March 01, 2012: eWaste Photo Gallery
Stanley J. Roszkowski U.S. Courthouse in Rockford, Ill.
November 01, 2011: Building dedication and naming ceremony Oct. 29, 2011, for the Stanley J. Roszkowski U.S. Courthouse in Rockford, Ill.
Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley Tours Region’s Largest Recovery Project
September 01, 2011: Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley recently toured one of the GSA’s largest recovery projects in Portland.
GSA FedFleet 2011
July 27, 2011: Over 1700 participants registered for GSA FedFleet 2011. The Federal Fleet Policy Council (FEDFLEET)is the primary sponsor of the event.
National Executive Client Summit
July 22, 2011: GSA PBS Deputy Commissioner David Foley and GSA Assistant Commissioner Martha Benson welcome guests to the 2011 National Executive Client Summit.
Johnson Visits Bean Center
July 15, 2011: GSA Administrator Martha N. Johnson toured the Bean Federal Center's recently--ompleted rooftop solar array-the largest in the Midwest.
GSA, Justice Department Join Forces
June 09, 2011: GSA is partnering with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Cleveland to provide businesses with ethics training to prevent corruption.
Freedom Rides Exhibit at Montgomery Greyhound Bus Station
June 02, 2011: Former bus terminal in Montgomery given new life as museum, hosting re-enactment of historic Freedom Rides.
GSA Helps Launch Electric Vehicle Pilot Program
May 24, 2011: To further the president's goal of cutting oil imports, GSA launched an innovative plan to incorporate electric vehicles into the government fleet.
Training Conference and Expo 2011
May 11, 2011: The annual Training Conference and Expo brings together public and private-sector leaders to help shape a more innovative and efficient government.
GSA's Green Design Good for Business and the Environment
April 18, 2011: Administrator Johnson joined business and academic leaders in Seattle to discuss operating buildings with clean-energy technologies.