BIM Guide 08 - Facility Management

GSA is currently encouraging, documenting, and evaluating the use of BIM technologies to support facility management and building operations.

The overall purpose of utilizing BIM for facility management is to enable GSA to leverage facility data through the facility lifecycle to provide safe, healthy, effective and efficient work environments for our clients. Facility data is created throughout the design and construction process. GSA intends to use and update this data throughout the facility lifecycle – through Small Projects, Operations & Maintenance, and Major Renovations & Alterations. The maintenance of this data will create greater efficiencies such as: having accurate as-built information to reduce the cost & time required for renovations; increasing customer satisfaction; and optimizing the operation and maintenance of our building systems to reduce energy usage.

GSA Building Information Modeling Guide 08 - BIM Guide for Facility Management (1/2012) >> [PDF - 62 MB]

Last Reviewed: 2019-02-26