BIM software guidelines

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GSA supports open standards for BIM and requires IFC in addition to a native authoring tool.

For Graphisoft Archicad:

Guidelines Under Construction

For Bentley:

Guidelines Under Construction

For Autodesk Revit:

The Guidelines for Revit site, formerly known as Region 5 BIM Standards, has been established to assist professionals using Revit as an authoring tool, and to further extend the use of Building Information Models on GSA projects. Within this site, you will find written standards, BIM software templates, project documents, and tutorials.

The goal of this AIA award winning BIM Guidelines is to establish highly effective BIM standards that will ensure GSA receives consistent BIM data for BLM (Building Life-Cycle Management) and also to give architects and designers the freedom to create high performance/high design buildings. Achieving this goal has meant this site rapidly evolves based on project feedback. To make suggestions or to ask questions regarding the guidelines we encourage you to consult with any GSA BIM Champion or Richard Gee, Region 5 BIM Champion.

Last Reviewed: 2022-04-06