BIM Revit Document Guides

The GSA BIM Guidelines for Revit contain a number of supporting documents ranging from a BEP to a BIM enabled Statement of Work. Although access to the editable versions of these documents is restricted, the guides are available to all users of the standard.

BIM Execution Plan

GSA has developed a baseline BEP that is to be used on all GSA projects. This BEP was developed based on the GSA National BEP and Penn State's comprehensive BIM Execution Planning guide.

Link: BIM Execution Plan Guide

Level of Detail

Level of Design / Development / Detail (LOD) is the overall state of your information model at a particular point in its design process. This includes not only graphical objects but also the data associated with the objects.

In this guide you will find both an explanation of the 5 LODs as well as a set of matrices for deploying them on your project.

Link: Level of Detail Guide

Quality Reports

While a team based approach is the only way to ensure quality data, the final responsibility of the data quality falls to the data creator. All data delivered to the GSA may be audited for quality at the sole discretion of GSA and deficiency found within the data will be the responsibility of the data creator to correct. For this reason, GSA requires that all submitted BIM and 3D imaging data come with a completed quality assurance report.

Link: Quality Reports

Revit Templates

There are three primary Revit templates; architectural, electrical, and plumbing/mechanical. In addition to the primary templates, there are a number of supporting files to make implementing the full GSA BIM Guidelines for Revit easier.

Link: Revit Templates Guide

Statement of Work

GSA has several standard Statements of Work (SOW) for the acquisition of BIM related services. The base AE Statement of Work is based on work by several of GSA's Regions. This base SOW is to be used in conjunction with one or both of the other SOWs.

Link: Statement of Work Guide

Last Reviewed: 2019-02-26