BIM Tutorials

GSA has produced a number of tutorials to help teams succeed in their BIM based projects.

Available Tutorials


This tutorials walks the user through the deployment of COBie2 under the Autodesk Revit design platform. The tutorial covers both the data creation aspect as well as how to get your data out of Revit and into COBie2 spreadsheets.

Link: COBie2 Tutorial

Integration Reviews

Integration sessions are recurring, typically weekly, team oriented (model) reviews to minimize surprises, validate scope, improve schedule and reduce costs. Frequently enhanced with interactive SmartBoard technology in a “big-room” environment, these sessions facilitate the architectural/engineering integration and design-to-construction transition - in contrast to a “throw it over-the-wall” hand-off with the waste (and frustration) that can accompany such silo based approaches. The objective is to optimize the flow and efficiency of the project – not the silos.

Link: Integration Reviews

Revit Spatial Data Management

A key part of the GSAs BIM strategy is the capture of spatial data management within the BIM. This guide takes the user through the process of making Revit data that conforms to the GSA's spatial data management policies.

Link: Revit Spatial Data Management

URLs in Revit

Universal Reference Locators also known as URLs allow one set of data to link to another, external set of data. When this is implemented in Revit the results can greatly extend the I in BIM. This guide walks the user through the correct use of URLs within the Revit environment.

Link: URLs in Revit

Last Reviewed: 2023-04-17