Quality Control Reports

Delivering quality data is not a task to be completed at the end of a project. Quality data can only be achieved by having a robust quality process in place throughout the project, which includes all members of the team as stakeholders in its success. Any successful QA/QC program will be a fully integrated process where all team members share a sense of ownership and there is cooperation amongst all project participants. This approach provides essential checks and balances which facilitate the production of quality data.

While a team based approach is the only way to ensure quality data, the ultimate responsibility of the data quality falls on the data creator. All data delivered to the GSA may be audited for quality at the sole discretion of GSA and any deficiency found must be corrected by the data creator. For this reason, GSA requires that all submitted BIM and 3D imaging data is accompanied by a completed quality assurance report.

BIM data quality

Complex MEP Systems

3D rendering of a complex MEP system

This user guide is intended to clarify the process of completing the standard Quality Control Report for GSA projects. The Quality Control Report is to be provided each time data is submitted to GSA and is to be completed by the Quality Control Representative.

Quality Control Representative

The report is to be completed by the submitting parties' Quality Control Representative only. This individual is responsible for verifying that all data is complete and adheres to the standards.

Basic Information

Complete the basic information as outlined in the report. The project information should match what is found on the project's BEP. The list of included data should be complete and thorough.

For the Type of Submittal, make sure to check one entry in each column, keeping in mind that only formal and final submittals will be subject to GSA data auditing.

Standards and Auditing

This section is primarily to server as a reminder of what must be checked prior to data submittal to GSA. Check all boxes that have been completed. If there is any additional information that you feel will assist GSA in interpreting the data being submitted, list it under the Notes section. Finally, complete the Quality Representative contact information so that the GSA may contact the appropriate party with any issues or questions.

Any automated tools provided by GSA are as a courtesy only. This includes any data files, application addons, or full applications. It is the sole responsibility of the Quality Representative to ensure that all data conforms to standards as documented.

3D imaging quality

GSA has adopted the GSA national laser scanning quality procedures as outlined in the 3D Laser Scanning Quality Management Program Guide. Although this guide is geared toward Lidar based data, it is to be followed for all 3D imaging technologies used.

It is required that the creators of all 3D imaging project data follow the QA/QC process outlined within the guide and that they will complete and deliver:

  • Quality Management Program Checklists
  • Laser Scanning Information Sheet
  • Contractor - QA Project Plan Checklist
  • Contractor - Data Acquisition Certification Report Checklist
  • Contractor - Data Processing Certification Report Checklist
  • Contractor – Field Quality Demonstration Report Checklist
  • Contractor – Final Project Data Deliverable Report Checklist
3D rendering of a complex MEP system
Last Reviewed: 2022-07-20