BIM Downloadable Documents

This page is to give access to the editable documents referenced by the GSA BIM Guidelines for Revit. For information on implementation of the documents see Document Guides section of the site.

Project Documents with Guides

The documents below all feature user guides on this site. These guides will assist the user in effectively using the documents on their project.

File Name Guide link Description
SOW_BIM_v4_0.docx [DOCX - 62 KB] Statement of Work Guide Editable Microsoft Word version of the BIM scope of work.
SOW_BIM_Options_v4_0.docx [DOCX - 45 KB] Statement of Work Guide Options for the BIM scope of work.
SOW_3D_Imaging_v4_0.docx [DOCX - 64 KB] Statement of Work Guide Laser scanning / imaging scope of work.
GSA Region 5 - BEP Template v4.0.1.docx [DOCX - 130 KB] BIM Execution Plan Guide Editable Microsoft Word version of the BIM Execution Plan
Model_Progression_Matrix_v4_0.xls [XLS - 61 KB] Level of Detail Guide Sample model progression matrix used to define LoD for a project.
Quality_Control_v4_0.docx [DOCX - 41 KB] Quality Report Guide Editable Microsoft Word version of theQuality control report.

Documents without Guides

The documents below do not have extended guides on the site. They are provided to assist on BIM based projects.

BIM Change Log

It has been found useful on BIM projects to keep a running log of "off model" changes that have been made during construction. Keeping a good record of changes made during construction will ease the creation of accurate as-built BIMs. The BIM Change Log can;

  • Keep track of changes –ASI, RFI, Field Sketches
  • Keep track of changes in BIM model
  • Identify the responsible party for changes
  • Evaluate Inputs, Views
  • Verify Completion

Using the Change Log

In general, the GC will take responsibility for the upkeep and coordination of the BIM Change Log. The upkeep will be done as changes are made in the field and reviewed with the team during the weekly coordination meeting.

Download Link: BIM_Change_Log_v4_0.xlsx [XLSX - 14 KB]

Image of the BIM change logClick on image for expanded view

Sample data courtesy of Vistara

Data Format Matrix

The goal of the data format matrix is to assist in establishing what data format will be used when exchanging data between team members. This should be addressed during the project's BIM Execution Plan and updated as needed throughout the project. Only direct input from the data producer should be entered and at no time should assumptions be made as to what format the data exchange will take place.

Download link: Data_Format_Matrix_v4_0.xlsx [XLSX - 12 KB]

GSA Standard Equipment List

The GSA standard equipment list is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet used to populate the National Computerized Maintenance Management System within the GSA.

The GSA standard equipment list should not be confused with COBie based requirements. Although they both attempt to achieve BIM to FM, only COBie is fully supported within BIM authoring application.

When completing the GSA standard equipment list, it is recommended that you export the project to COBie and simply copy and paste the needed data from the COBie spreadsheets to the GSA standard equipment list.

Download link: National-CMMS Equipment-Template v09a.xlsx [XLSX - 243 KB]

Image of the BIM change log
Image of an example Data Format Matrix
Image of an example GSA Standard Equipment List
Last Reviewed: 2022-04-28