GSA BIM Guidelines for Revit

About the Standards

The goal of the GSA BIM Guidelines for Revit is to establish a solid foundation for using the BIM as a backbone for managing buildings over their lifecycle. In order to achieve this goal, a certain level of standardization must exist within the data sets. For some items, two sets of instructions are shown - standards and guidelines. Standards must be followed to be in compliance with this document and may only be overridden by the GSA.

Guidelines should be followed when practical, but can be overridden by the design and construction team during the preparation of the BEP. These standards are intended to improve the highly dynamic and creative process of building design and construction. If you feel that any of the standards are causing design or construction issues, you should bring them immediately to the attention of a Region 5 BIM Champion.

BIM Standards

  • A project BEP is required on all projects. It is required that the BEP is completed as a group meeting of all project stakeholders and consensus of all members should be achieved.
    • Each time the BEP is revised, a copy of it is to be supplied to the GSA BIM Champion.
  • All project Views are to be generated directly from the BIM data. So called 'parallel' or 'fractured' workflows where extensive 2D works are used on the project are not allowed.
    • Minor embellishments of project details are permitted to be in 2D.
  • Regularly scheduled integration meetings are to take place on all BIM projects. All project stakeholders are required to attend the integration meetings, on the schedule defined within the BEP, either in person or by web-based conference.
    • If a stakeholder opts not to attend in person they must fully connect to the web-based conference so they are able to view and comment on the review of the model.
  • All changes to the model shall be carried out as 3D modifications, rather than 2D ‘patches’ to maintain the integrity of the model.
  • All stakeholders are required to follow all portions of the GSA BIM Guidelines for Revit.
  • All project participants are required to participate fully in the BIM based workflows of the project including but not limited to:
    • Attending the regularly scheduled integration meetings.
    • Actively participating in the integration meetings.
    • Responding to outstanding issues and warnings identified during project integration.
    • Actively contributing to the development of the BEP.
    • Following the BEP as applicable to their work on the project.
  • Project BIM data is to be shared between all project participants, preferably in near-real-time, at a minimum on a set schedule agreed to within the BEP.

BIM Project Standards

Technical Standards

Last Reviewed: 2019-02-26