GSA BIM Guidelines for Revit: Roles & Responsibilities

AE and GC/CMc Participation

It is important for the team to adhere the process as stated on BEP. Both the AE and GC/CMc need to have Project Integrators and Quality Control Representatives throughout the life of the project. The specific roles should be defined as part of the project's BEP. For example, the AE Project Integrator may manage the primary coordination model only through the 300 level design, then hand over that responsibility to the GC/CMc Project Integrator.

Project Integrator

A Project Integrator will fulfill the following for all produced project data:

  • Lead the Project Coordination Meetings
  • Collect and assemble the primary integration model
    • Coordinate submission and exchange of Models
    • Log incoming Models
    • Validate that files are complete and usable and in compliance with applicable protocols
    • Maintain a record copy of each file received
  • Ensure the BIM data is fulfilling all project requirements
    • At a minimum, this will include performing both automated and visual clash detections and producing a clash report
  • Facilitate the distribution of the model, supporting reports and logs
    • Includes making the data available securely to all project participants
  • Assist project participants in adhering to GSA data security requirements (PBS Order 3490.1A)
  • Track issues and resolutions and distribute to team
  • Maintain and distribute to team the project change log
    • Verify that the changes are made to the BIM as recorded in the change log at each integration meeting

Quality Control Representative

A Quality Control Representative will, at a minimum, fulfill the following for all produced project data:

  • Approve completion of LOD achievement per both Model Progression Matrix and Approved Use Matrix
  • Routinely audit all models to ensure they are meeting all required standards
  • Ensure proper software and versions, as defined in the BEP, are being used
  • Document and report to the project team any quality related issues as part of the Project Integration Meetings
  • Will ensure that all 2D drawings are derived directly from the model and that no changes have been made to the 2D sheets that would in anyway invalidate the model
Last Reviewed: 2019-02-26