To increase the understanding and appreciation of contemporary federal architecture and artworks and to educate both federal employees and the general public about the history and cultural heritage of the United States as reflected in the architecture and art of federal buildings, the Design Excellence Program organizes and produces publications, exhibits, films, forums, symposia, and interpretative materials.

Significant buildings commissioned through the Design Excellence process are documented in an award-winning monograph series. An oral history program is underway to interview important public figures, architects, designers, and artists who have worked to inspire and nurture excellence in federal architecture. Plaques are installed and interpretive brochures are produced to accompany works of art and to give visitors to federal buildings biographies of artists and an insight into the meaning of artworks and how they were produced. Exhibits are organized and designed to make the works of art accessible.

To maximize its educational and outreach activities, the center has established partnerships for the Office of the Chief Architect with various professional organizations such as the American Institute of Architects, the National Organization of Minority Architects, the American Society of Interior Designers, and the American Society of Landscape Architects. It also seeks partnerships and collaboration with museums and schools of architecture and design.

Last Reviewed: 2019-02-26