First Impressions Program Overview

First Impressions was established in 1998 to address the decline of federal building lobbies and plazas around the nation, by extending the vision of Design Excellence into existing federally occupied buildings. First Impressions spotlights public areas that shape a visitors "First Impression" of the federal government.

First Impressions expands the GSA’s commitment to Design Excellence into the public spaces of existing federal buildings. In refreshing lobbies and redesigning plazas, First Impressions creates lively spaces that welcome visitors while maintaining safe, quality workplaces for federal employees. Doing so ensures the long-term value of GSA assets and the satisfaction of GSA customer agencies. First Impressions is not just good design, it is good business.

  • Stewardship: asset management and space administration.
  • Superior Workplaces: maintaining welcoming and secure workplaces.
  • Best Value: creative and cost-effective solutions.
  • Innovation: strategically collocated resources and collaborative administrative operations.

More than just an aesthetic agenda, the program is smart business practice. First Impressions strengthens our assets, makes our buildings more profitable, and improves tenant satisfaction.

While Design Excellence Principles are readily obtainable in new construction, it's charge to create or maintain facilities which are "distinguished" and "reflect the dignity, enterprise, vigor, and stability of the American National Government" is well within the purview of the existing owned inventory, facilitated by First Impressions.

Last Reviewed: 2023-02-09