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Portrait Display Protocol (U.S. President, Vice President, & Cabinet Members)

The protocol of administrative portraits in a display consisting of the president, the vice president, and the officers of the cabinet is as follows:

  • The President and the Vice President are displayed side by side, with the President on the left, the Vice President on the right.
  • The respective Secretaries of the cabinet departments are displayed in a line, below, left to right, beginning on the left with the Secretary of the oldest cabinet department and concluding on the right with the Secretary of the newest cabinet department (this is the line of Presidential succession after the Speaker of the House and the Senate Pro Tempore).
  • If just one cabinet member's photo will be displayed, once again, the President's portrait is in the center, but this time, the Vice President is removed to the left, and below (not lower than the halfway point of the image of the President), and the Cabinet Member is to the right, and below (not lower than the halfway point of the President). In this hanging, the Vice President and the Secretary of State are at the same height.
  • The above is based on the sizes of the portraits being equal. If this is not the case, and the image of the President is larger than the image of the Vice President and the Cabinet Member, the arrangement left to right remains the same, but the other images can be brought up, so that the centerline of the images are all three equal in height or so that the bottom line of all three images are equal in height.

There are rare exceptions to the above based on the design of the space and location of the portraits. Such instances will require the GSA Chief Architect to make a recommendation.

The Building Manager or GSA Facilities Management is the point of contact regarding portrait purchase, disposal, and legal requirements.

Last Reviewed: 2019-02-26