Interior Design Program

The Interior Design Program creates building interiors that express the vision, leadership, and commitment of the government in serving the public, while achieving the values of the nation.

Great design requires a holistic approach to benefit both the public and the employees who serve it. Outstanding interior design in our public buildings is a critical component of this holistic approach,which provides both functional spaces, and spaces that will significantly enhance the aesthetics, efficiency, comfort, sustainability, and safety of your workplace. Ultimately, it will conduce to the individual workers’ morale and productivity, resulting in a return on the investment. Professionally credentialed interior designers offer a broad range of services in addition to creative technical solutions.

Interior Design extends the Public Buildings Service’s commitment to design excellence into the public areas of the federal buildings under its stewardship by creating welcoming spaces for the public and visitors. It helps to ensure the long term value of GSA’s real estate assets and the satisfaction of its client agencies.

Last Reviewed: 2022-12-05