EPA Region 8 Headquarters (Denver, CO)


Project Team
Owner: Opus Northwest LLC
Architect: Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects LLP
Sq. Ft: 305,000 sq. ft.
Date Completed: November, 2006

Sustainable Site

  • The 197,090 sf/acre project is located in an area with a development density of greater than 60,000 sf/acre.
  • 7 alternative fuel refueling stations are provided for 3.10% of the vehicle parking capacity at the site.
  • The project is developed on a site classified as a Brownfield and that remediation measures, including excavation of contaminated soil, have taken place.
  • There is commuter rail, light rail or subway station within 1/2 mile of the project site.
  • 87 bicycle stalls and 7 showers are provided within 200 yards of the project for 1239 occupants, including 930 employees.
  • The design will comply with or exceed the local Best Management Practices implemented for removal of TSS and TP.
  • 100% of parking is provided underground
  • The “green” (vegetated) roof areas constitute 51.02% of the total roof area.

Sustainable Site

Water Efficiency

  • The project's landscape design uses native plantings which do not require a permanent irrigation system.
  • Water use has been reduced by 49.0% through the use of waterless urinals, dual flush toilets, low-flow lavatories, low-flow kitchen sinks, low-flow showers and low-flow janitor sinks.

Energy and Atmosphere

  • The required commissioning activities have been completed or are under contract.
  • The project complies with ASHRAE 90.1-1999.
  • The project's HVAC&R systems do not contain CFC-based refrigerants.
  • 35.7% savings between the budget and design cases in comparison with ASHRAE 90.1-1999. Energy efficiency measures include better envelope, efficient lighting with daylight assist and under floor air distribution.
  • The project's HVAC&R systems do not contain HCFCs or Halons.
  • Metering equipment has been installed for all appropriate systems.
  • 100% of the building's regulated load is supplied by renewable power that meets the definition of Green-e.

Materials and Resources

  • Appropriate facilities for recycling have been provided.
  • 76.94% of project construction waste was diverted from the landfill.
  • The project has achieved a combined recycled content value of 30.01% of the total materials.
  • 50% of the total project’s materials, based on cost, were manufactured within 500 miles of the project.
  • 89.12% of wood based materials are certified in accordance with FSC Principles and Criteria.

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • The design achieves air change effectiveness of 0.9 or greater in each ventilated zone as determined by ASHRAE 129-1997.
  • A construction IAQ plan was followed and implemented.
  • Both a two week building flush out was conducted with 100% outside air from December 1, 2006 to December 15, 2006 AND that the reference standard’s IAQ testing protocol was followed.
  • Low-emitting materials, adhesives and sealants were used.
  • All paints, including topcoats and primers, meet the VOC requirements of Green Seal.
  • The project uses carpeting that complies with the CRI Green Label Program.
  • All composite wood and agrifiber products used in the project do not contain added urea-formaldehyde, and a list of products has been included.
  • The project has been designed to maintain indoor comfort within the ranges established by ASHRAE 55-1992, Addenda 1995.
  • A permanent temperature and humidity monitoring system that operates during all seasons has been installed. The system is to permit control of individual building zones to maintain thermal comfort within the ranges defined in ASHRAE 55-1992, Addenda 1995.

Sustainable Site

Innovation and Design

  • 100% of parking is underground, meeting the required threshold for exemplary performance of SSc7.1.
  • Water use was reduced by 49%, exceeding the threshold of 40% savings for exemplary performance of WEc3.
  • 100% of the building’s regulated load is supplied by renewable power that meets the definition of Green-e, meeting the requirements for exemplary performance of EAc6.
  • An innovation credit for green cleaning and housekeeping has been submitted.
Last Reviewed: 2019-02-26