Scowcroft Building Renovation (Ogden, UT)

LEED Silver Version 2.0

Project Team
GSA Contact Tammy Eatough,
Lessor Cottonwood Realty Services, LLC
Architect Cooper Roberts Simonsen Architects
Contractor Jacobsen Construction
Gross Sq. Ft. 133,000 sq. ft.:
10% new construction,
90% renovation of a historic 1900 building
Date Completed Feb 01, 2004
Cost $11,442,705

Sustainable Site

  • Urban redevelopment area in central business area
  • Preferred parking for carpooling to serve 13.33% of occupants
  • Adjacency to public transportation
  • 34.2% of non roof impervious areas are provided non colored concrete and shading to reduce heat island effect.
  • 100% of roof meets Energy Star emissivity requirements to reduce heat islands effect.

Water Efficiency

  • 53% reduction of potable water usage for landscaping through high efficiency irrigation systems and low demand indigenous and adaptive plantings
  • 23.31% water use reduction through use of low-flow and water efficient fixtures and appliances

Energy & Atmosphere

  • Optimized energy efficiency through a 20.6% energy reduction compared to ASHRAE 90.1-1999.
  • Improved roof insulation, radiant base board heating, variable speed condensers
  • Combines under floor air distribution with indirect/direct evaporative cooling to reduce annual energy consumption
  • Improved lighting power density.
  • Plan for sub metering water and energy usage
  • HCFC and Halon free HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) equipment
  • Green power purchased from Wind Current to meet 100% of the building electrical needs for minimum of 2 years

Materials & Resources

  • Occupant recycling
  • Reuse of historic building achieved 100% of the shell and 50% of the non shell
  • Diverted 75.77% of construction waste through effective waste management plan
  • 5.04% of total building materials by value contain recycled materials
    Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)
  • CO2 sensors monitor to outside ambient levels and increased ventilation if exceeding thresholds
  • Under floor air delivery system provides increased ventilation effectiveness in compliance with ASHRAE 129-1997
  • Construction IAQ Management plan was in compliance with SMACNA guidelines. During construction, MERV 8 filters were installed at grilles and MERV 13 filters prior to occupancy
  • Low emitting carpet was used
  • Indoor pollutant source control
  • Controllability of non perimeter temperature, ventilation and lighting systems
  • Designed for thermal comfort compliance with ASHRAE 55 – 1992 for relative humidity and temperature
  • Thermal comfort monitoring system installed for compliance with ASHRAE 55 – 1992 for relative humidity and temperature
  • 2% day lighting factor for 81% of occupied space for critical visual tasks achieve through introduction of 2 full height atria
  • 90.6% of all occupants have direct line of sight to views for all space occupied for critical visual tasks

Innovation and Design

DOE High Performance Federal Buildings case study for the Scowcroft Building (link is no longer available)

Last Reviewed: 2020-11-06