Shared Port-of-Entry, Sweet Grass, MT; Coutts, AB

LEED Certified Version 2.0

Project Team
GSA Contact (Gerald) J. Lach,
Architect Katherine Diamond FAIA RNLdesign
Contractor Bird Management Ltd.
Sq. Ft. 100,000 sq ft
Date Completed September 2004
Cost $26.5 million

Sustainable Site

  • Brown field redevelopment
  • Access to public transportation from both sides of the border
  • Bicycle storage and shower/ changing rooms available for alternative transportation
  • Alternative fueling stations provided for 3% of population
  • Preferred parking for carpools and vanpools to serve 10% of occupants
  • 100% of roof meets emissivity requirements and complies with Energy Star to reduce heat island effect.

Water Efficiency

  • Landscaping uses native and adaptive vegetation and does not require not require permanent irrigation system
  • No potable water use for irrigation
  • 21.8% water use reduction through use of low-flow and water efficient fixtures and appliances

Energy & Atmosphere

Green power purchased to meet 100% of the building electrical needs for over of 2 years.

Materials & Resources

  • Occupant recycling
  • Diverted 98% of construction waste through effective waste management plan including soil
  • 47% local and regional materials manufactured regionally
  • 55% harvested ore extracted locally

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

  • Construction IAQ Management plan was in compliance with SMACNA guidelines, during construction, MERV 8 filters were installed at grilles
  • Low emitting paints were used
  • Low emitting carpet was used
  • Low emitting composite wood was used
  • Indoor pollutant source control
  • Designed for thermal comfort compliance with ASHRAE 55 – 1992 for relative humidity and temperature
  • Thermal comfort monitoring system installed for compliance with ASHRAE 55 – 1992 for relative humidity and temperature
  • 96% of all occupants have direct line of sight to views for all space occupied for critical visual tasks

Innovation and Design

  • Exemplary construction waste management
  • Green cleaning and house keeping
  • LEED accredited professionals participating on the project

Photo Credit: Timothy Hursley

Last Reviewed: 2017-12-19