ISC Risk Management Process

The Interagency Security Committee (ISC) developed the ISC Risk Management Process to ensure that security becomes an integral part of the planning, design, and construction of new federal office buildings and major modernization projects. The criteria consider security in all building systems and elements.

The ISC was established by Executive Order 12977 of October 19, 1995 to develop long-term construction standards for locations requiring blast resistance or other specialized security measures. In a series of working group discussions, the ISC revised and updated GSA's 1997 Draft Security Criteria, taking into consideration technology developments, new cost considerations, the experience of practitioners applying the criteria, and the need to balance security requirements with public building environments that remain lively, open, and accessible. For more information, contact Bill Earl (

For more information, please visit DHS Interagency Security Committee homepage.

For GSA's interpretation of the ISC (FOUO), contact the BSTP Team.

Last Reviewed: 2022-04-19