What PBS Wants in Value Engineering Consultants

Value engineering consultants may be single firms or joint ventures of two or more firms. GSA expects participants in a joint venture to have a track record of working together effectively to perform similar services. GSA also prefers that the value engineering consultant for a project not be affiliated or otherwise involved in current business associations with the project's design firm. If such a connection exists, GSA may exclude a consultant due to a potential conflict of interest.

Consultants must demonstrate the necessary resources and experience to conduct the studies called for, including skill and experience in construction projects of similar complexity. Value engineering of building construction must represent a significant portion of a firm's overall business.

GSA generally procures value engineering services through professional services, indefinite quantity contracts, which may also address construction management support.

Source selection procedures involve a Request for Proposals followed by an evaluation/selection based on qualifications and offered services. When an indefinite quantity contract is the source of Value Engineering services, a work order defines the scope of work for each specific value engineering study and is negotiated for a fixed price.

Value engineering consultant contract opportunities are publicized on the web through FedBizOpps.

Last Reviewed: 2019-02-26