“Constructing Landscape” film series

Behind-the-camera photos of the film sets, locations and interviews

In 2017, Christian Gabriel, GSA's first National Director of Landscape Architecture, sat down with 18 notable Landscape Architects to discuss numerous critical considerations surrounding the field of Landscape Architecture and site development The primary aim of the conversations with this informal advisory group was to educate the agency's design and construction staff, thus enabling the agency to deliver higher achieving projects across the broad geographic and typological spectrum of projects that the GSA plans, designs, builds, and manages on behalf of the American public.

In partnership with the GSA's Design Excellence program, these conversations were developed into a series of short films that highlight common themes, provide visual accompaniment to ideas, and deliver powerful lessons that can be incorporated into the current and future thinking regarding site development projects.

The film series, titled Constructing Landscape, is now available for viewing. The films are titled Material and Perspective to help distinguish the world-view and concerns of Landscape Architects, Designing with Time to address the very unique temporal issues associated with landscape materiality, Ecological Infrastructures to address natural systems and the concerns of scale, Site as Security to address the deployment of security features within our public landscapes, and finally Preservation and Design Evolution to address both the process of landscape evaluation and the re-purposing of sites.

Constructing Landscape Films

Last Reviewed: 2022-11-21