How do I learn more about ePM?

The Office of Design and Construction provides overview/demonstration sessions to address questions, describe the implementation strategy, and provide an orientation to ePM. For more information, send an email to epmsupport@gsa.gov.

Can subcontractors have users' licenses?

The Office of Design and Construction has purchased licenses for all users and monitors them to ensure they are being used adequately. Since ePM is a collaborative tool, as many users as possible are encouraged to actively use the program.


What resources are available to the regions for ePM training?

ePM trainers have been contracted to assist the regions. An individual trainer has been identified to each region but he or she is not exclusive to that region. If a region is not using the trainer identified, that trainer may be sent to another region that has a need. The goal is to eventually have a GSA resource available in each region to train new users and provide ongoing training.

Who needs to take ePM training?

The project manager identifies the audience for the training class, both internally and externally. Typical roles that attend training include PMs, COs, budget analysts, CMAs, A/Es, and general contractors. Anyone who needs to enter contracting information, ask or answer RFIs, track budgets and funding, record potential change orders, upload drawings or photos, or record meeting minutes should take the ePM training.

How do I sign up for my project team or service center to have training?

To sign up for project team training, contact the ePM regional coordinator or send an e-mail to epmsupport@gsa.gov.


Who needs to have HSPD-12 clearance?

Any employee or contractor who needs to use ePM is required to go through the HSPD-12 process because of the Sensitive but Unclassified (SBU) requirements by GSA. To be given access to ePM, a user must have at least received an initial favorable letter (fingerprints cleared).

Can a project team go through ePM training without HSPD-12 clearance?

Yes, but it is recommended that attendees have their clearance at or close to the conclusion of the training class, as key information and knowledge tends to wane if there is a long gap between the training and beginning to actively use ePM.

Last Reviewed: 2019-02-26