Howard M. Metzenbaum U.S. Courthouse

LEED - NC Certified Version 2.0

Project Team
GSA Contact:
Architect: Westlake Reed Leskowsky
Contractor: Dick Corporation
Sq. Ft.: 235,600 sq. ft.
Date Completed: June 2005
Cost: $44,600,000

Sustainable Site

  • BMP (best management practices) was followed through use of a silt fence, stabilized construction entrance, sediment basin and other measures
  • Urban redevelopment is achieved in an area with a development density of 421,815 sf/acre
  • Brownsfield redevelopment through the abatement of hazardous materials that were located throughout the building
  • 12 bicycle stalls and 4 showers are provided within 200 yards of the project for 190 occupants
  • Alternative transportation is available in 6 bus lines within 1/4 mile of the project site
  • 100% of parking spaces have been placed underground

Water Efficiency

  • No planting has been added and no permanent irrigation system. 6 existing honey locusts do not require irrigation
  • Over 32.4% water use reduction

Energy & Atmosphere

  • Optimized energy efficiency through a 15% energy reduction compared to ASHRAE (American Society of Heating and Refrigeration Engineers) 90.1-1999

Materials & Resources

  • Occupant recycling
  • Maintained 95.49% of existing shell
  • Maintained 58.90 % of interior elements
  • Diverted 54.11% of construction waste through effective waste management plan
  • 6.69% of total building materials by value contain recycled materials
  • 24.4% local and regional materials manufactured regionally

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

  • Carbon dioxide sensors monitor to outside ambient levels and increased ventilation if exceeding thresholds
  • Construction IAQ Management plan was in compliance with SMACNA guidelines, during construction, MERV 8 filters were installed at grilles
  • Construction IAQ Management plan before occupancy – the project conforms with the required IAQ testing protocol
  • Low emitting adhesive and sealants were used
  • Low emitting carpet was used
  • Designed for thermal comfort compliance with ASHRAE 55 – 1992 for relative humidity and temperature
  • Thermal comfort monitoring system installed for compliance with ASHRAE 55 – 1992 for relative humidity and temperature

Innovation and Design

  • Green housekeeping
  • LEED accredited professionals participating on the project

Last Reviewed: 2018-02-20