Template Minimum Attributes

The Minimum Attributes Standard requires a number of specific attributes be assigned to the objects within your model. The attributes fall into three primary categories; SDM (Spatial Data Management), COBie (Construction-Operations Building information exchange) , and URL (Universal Resource Locators). Within this guide SDM is handeled separately in the Rooms, Areas, and Schedules.

COBie Implementation

COBie parametersGSA has deployed the Autodesk Revit COBie toolkit. This toolkit was developed in conjunction with the Army Corp of Engineers and was chosen due to it's maturity. This implementation adds a number of parameters to many of the objects within Revit as well as several new schedules. Teams are encouraged to obtain the complete toolkit from Autodesk as it contains a Revit add-on that makes completion of some COBie fields automatic.

More information on the implementation of the COBie toolkit within Revit see the COBie2 Tutorial.

Included COBie Schedules

Several schedules have been added to the templates to facilitate the export of COBie spreadsheets.

Name Description
COBie2-Component Master schedule of components. Components are derived from object instances within Revit. What is and is not shown on this schedule is driven by the COBie2-ComponentsToSchedule.
COBie2-Component-(Door/Window) Special component schedules to address the objects spanning multiple rooms and spaces.
COBie2-ComponentsToSchedule Controls what components will appear on the other component schedules.
COBie2-Space Basic Space schedule adopted for the COBie2 standard.
COBie2-System Schedules all the COBie2-System object instances that have been added to the site plan.
COBie2-Type Schedules the Family Type level properties in the COBie2 format.
COBie2-Zone Schedules all the COBie2-Zone object instances that have been added to the site plan.

URL Implementation

As part of the final Data Submittal to GSA the team is required to use the Standard Folder Structure and correctly link supporting documents to the BIM. To enable this several URL parameters have been added to all Revit objects at the Type level. URLs should never be attached at the Instance level. For additional information on deploying URLs within Revit, see the URLs in Revit tutorial.

Shared Parameters

Most GSA added parameters have been added as Shared Parameters. The two Shared Parameters text files are included with each template.


  • COBie parameters used by the COBie toolkit.


  • All non-COBie parameters that have been added by GSA.

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