BIM Statement of Work User Guide

Use this guide to edit the BIM SOW to improve workflows by clarifying and synchronizing BIM scope, schedule and responsibilities of the project’s AE and GC. Avoid adding BIM on-top of old practices. Consult with a Regional BIM Champion as required. Generally the SOW identifies project specific BIM requirements beyond the macro level expectations of the Guide Series. After the AE and/or GC are selected, the BIM approach can be further refined via the BIM Execution Plan (BEP). New for the 2011 SOW for Chicago Federal Center (CFC) Projects:

  • Many paragraphs now show BIM requirements for both the AE and GC to clarify roles and workflow handoffs. On projects where AE AND GC partners will be engaged intent is to issue showing both so that work scope (and pricing) is in context of project team needs.
  • When possible paragraphs have been bulletized to aid in reading and editing.
  • BIM-based analyses and laser scanning are treated as options and must be added/edited as appropriate.

The SOW, once edited, is applicable to projects from small renovations through large new construction projects by selecting and editing the optional BIM Enabled Analyses. Following is SOW breakdown and additional editing guidance:

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Section Purpose: This section outlines general BIM expectations
Editing Required: Do Not Edit

BIM Enabled Design and Construction Coordination

Section Purpose: Outlines role of AE and GC
Editing Required: Minimal Editing

BIM Execution Plan

Section Purpose: Describes the minimum required BEP
Editing Required: Minimal Editing


Section Purpose: Describes the required BIM deliverables
Editing Required: Do Not Edit

Electronic/Print Media

Section Purpose: Outlines the requirements for electronic and print media
Editing Required: Do Not Edit

BIM Level of Detail

Section Purpose: Outlines the requirements for achieved LOD for the project
Editing Required: Minimal Editing

BIM Workflows

Section Purpose: Outlines for both AE and GC BIM responsibilities for:


Editing Required: Minimal Editing

Space Analysis

Editing Required: Minimal Editing

Zone Analysis

Editing Required: Minimal Editing


Editing Required: Minimal Editing


Editing Required: Minimal Editing


Editing Required: Minimal Editing


Editing Required: Minimal Editing

BIM Enabled Analyses (Options)

  • A.1 Laser Scanning
  • D.1 Art in Architecture
  • D.2 Geometry Based Zone Analysis
  • D.3 Daylight Model
  • D.4 Interior Design
  • D.5 Project Phasing
  • D.6 Tenant Relocation
  • D.8 Structural Member Strengths
  • D.9 Site / Campus Analysis
  • D.10 Energy Modeling
  • D.11 CFD Analysis Compatibility
  • D.20 Virtual Acoustics Test for Courtrooms
  • D.21 Virtual Lighting/Interior Finishes Test for Courtrooms
  • C.1 Quantity Take Off
  • C.2 Cost Estimating
  • C.3 Construction Sequencing
  • FM.1 Building Operations
  • FM.2 Facility Management
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