Glossary A - E

As-built BIM

See record BIM.


An assembly is the combination of the component sub-elements that comprise a single installed product. For example, an air handling unit would be an assembly comprised of a fan, a motor, etc.


Unit of information within an entity, defined by a particular type or reference to a particular entity.

Citation: "IFC4 Documentation", buildingSMART International Ltd., accessed 06/13/2017.

BIM execution plan

A BEP is a document that describes how BIM will be implemented on a project, the BIM applications within the project, and all stakeholder responsibilities.

BIM manual

A BIM manual is a document derived from a project’s BIM execution plan that includes the results of final model commissioning, and serves as a ‘user manual’ for the record BIM. It contains the most updated information about the BIM uses that were accomplished on the project, documents decisions that affected the structure of the record BIM, includes information about the tools and processes used to export from the native model to IFC, and includes the mapping file that shows how native model elements are mapped to IFC elements. It should explain the areas and building elements added or modified under the project scope.

Building information management

BIM is a comprehensive strategy for collecting, managing, and sharing required data / information to accurately support facility life cycle from early planning to building disposal.

Citation: "NAVFAC", Whole Building Design Guide, accessed 01/28/2016.

Building information model

A BIM is digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility, usually consisting of a three-dimensional model integrated with a database about materials, products, components, systems, and their properties and performance.

Citation: "BIM for the Terrified", NBS, accessed 02/25/2016.

Building information modeling

BIM is the use of geometric and data modeling software to create a virtual representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a building.


A unique instance of an element type.

Component object

See component.

Construction Operations Building Information Exchange

COBie is an open standard that provides a structure to help capture building asset information necessary for successful maintenance, operation, and management of facilities.

Citation: "National BIM Standard - United States Version 3", NIBS, accessed 06/23/2017

Current conditions model

The information stored in the CFR that represents the facility at present. This can include any combination of CAD, BIM, or other documentation (e.g. PDF, DOC, XLS files) and other documentation that describe the facility geometry, contents, or engineering information for use in facility management or asset management.

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