Systems and Assemblies To Be Commissioned

The following is a general list of systems and assemblies to be commissioned. GSA plans to work with the commissioning agent (CxA) to write this section to make it more robust and holistic.

  1. Central building automation system
  2. All equipment of the heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems
  3. Scheduled or occupancy sensor lighting controls
  4. Daylight dimming controls and interior dimming system controls
  5. Refrigeration systems
  6. Emergency power generators and automatic transfer switching; paralleling equipment (if applicable)
  7. Uninterrupted power supply systems
  8. Fire protection and life safety systems (egress system, fire alarm system, fire detection systems, fire suppression systems, smoke management systems, smoke removal systems, emergency lighting systems, security/egress locking interface systems, elevator emergency recall operation, elevator emergency in-car operation)
  9. Electrical (service switch gear, switchboards, distribution panel boards, transformers, motor control centers, power monitoring and metering, transient voltage surge suppressors, variable speed drives, grounding and ground fault systems, over-current protective devices, low voltage bus way, thermograhic survey, electronic calendaring or directory, white sound system).
  10. Domestic and process water pumping and mixing systems
  11. Equipment sound control systems and testing
  12. Data and communication
  13. Paging systems
  14. Security system
  15. Irrigation
  16. Plumbing
  17. Vertical transport
  18. Building envelope, including the different types of curtain wall assemblies (specify roofing, windows and doors, construction joints, etc.)
  19. Process instrumentation and controls
  20. Sustainability features (see LEED matrix list)
  21. Lighting and lighting control systems and clock systems
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