Sample Commissioning Services Statement of Work

Procurement Approach
If Commissioning services are to be integrated into the contract of a Construction Manager (CM), which itself is procured using source selection procedures, then the following offers sample language that can be included in the Statement of Work (SOW) for the CM. The SOW can be adapted to suit either Brooks Act or Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) task order procurements.

The General Services Administration (GSA) may request written proposals to obtain Commissioning Agent (CxA) services for the <PROJECT NAME> facility in <PROJECT LOCATION>. GSA commissions facilities to ensure that all systems are well designed, complete and functioning properly upon occupancy, are economical to operate and maintain, and that GSA staff has adequate system documentation and training.


GSA is seeking the services of a qualified commissioning provider/firm for this new construction project. The project currently is a <INSERT PROJECT DESCRIPTION INCLUDING SIZE, FACILITY TYPE, PROJECT BUDGET, GENERAL PROGRAM, DELIVERY METHOD AND MILESTONE SCHEDULE OVERVIEW>.


The objective of commissioning is to provide documented confirmation that a facility fulfills the functional and performance requirements of GSA, occupants and operators. To reach this goal, it is necessary for the commissioning process to establish and document Owner’s Project Requirements, which are criteria for system function, performance, and maintainability (design intent); and to also verify and document compliance with these criteria throughout design, construction, start-up, and the initial period of operation. In addition, complete operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals, as well as training on system operation, shall be provided to the building operators to ensure the building continues to operate as intended.

The CxA shall be involved throughout the project from design development through the warranty phase. The primary role of the CxA during the overall Design Stage is to review the design to ensure it meets GSA objectives and develop detailed commissioning specifications. During construction, the CxA coordinates the execution of a testing plan, which includes observing and documenting all systems’ performance to ensure that the systems are functioning in accordance with the Owner’s Project Requirements and the contract documents. The CxA is not responsible for design or general construction scheduling, cost estimating, or construction management, but may assist with problem-solving or resolving nonconformance issues or deficiencies.

The CxA will provide commissioning services required by LEED 2.1 (or current version). The CxA will serve as an objective advocate of the owner, oversee and coordinate the commissioning process, and present final recommendations to the owner regarding the performance of the commissioned building systems. The CxA works in conjunction with the project design team through the design process, prepares a commissioning plan, and a Final Commissioning Record to meet the requirements of the LEED Energy & Atmosphere commissioning credits.

Statement of Work

The CxA must accomplish the following tasks. The CxA is free to suggest changes and improvements to the following task list, but for this proposal it is assumed that these tasks will be completed. For this proposal, total commissioning services to meet the LEED requirements for Design Stage, construction phase, and warranty phase services are requested.

The criteria governing the work shall be LEED 2.1 (or current version), the GSA P-100, and the Federal Facilities Council requirements.

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