Concept, DD and CD Design Reviews

The Commissioning Agent (CxA) must conduct three focused reviews of the design documents. GSA recommends that these reviews occur first at the end of the Design Concepts phase, second during Design Development (50%) and the final meeting near the end of the Construction Documents Phase (90-95%). See the PBS P-100 link below for definitions of these design phases.

The CxA compares the design with the intentional goals of GSA as identified in the Owner’s Project Requirements. The CxA also compares the proposed design against GSA design standards as defined in the latest version of the PBS P-100 Facilities Standards. The CxA identifies any improvements that can be made in areas such as energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, operations & maintenance, etc. Though the CxA is responsible for reviewing the design from a commissioning perspective, the CxA is not responsible for design concepts and criteria or compliance with local, State and Federal Codes (unless it is specifically called out in their contract).

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