Develop Commissioning Specifications

Fire Protection Engineering & Life Safety
To ensure that no aspect of a building’s design or operation presents an unacceptable risk, a fire protection engineering and life safety assessment is required in the Pre-Planning Phase (see GSA’s Project Planning Guide). The CxA’s role in commissioning of fire protection & life safety systems is to assist the GSA regional fire protection engineer.

The commissioning tasks for the contractors will be identified in the commissioning specifications and will include:

  • General commissioning requirements common to all systems and assemblies
  • Detailed description of the responsibilities of all parties
  • Details of the commissioning process (i.e. schedule and sequence of activities)
  • Reporting & documentation requirements & formats
  • Alerts to coordination issues
  • Deficiency resolution
  • Commissioning meetings
  • Submittals
  • O&M Manuals
  • Construction checklists
  • Functional testing process and specific functional test requirements including testing conditions and acceptance criteria
  • As-built drawings
  • Training

Specifications must clearly indicate who is witnessing and documenting startup of each commissioned system. Specifications must also clearly indicate who is writing, directing, conducting and documenting functional tests. The Commissioning Agent and the A/E must work together to ensure that commissioning requirements are fully integrated and coordinated in the project specifications.

Written Test Procedures

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