Commissioning Agent Selection

This service must be acquired in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation, in the same manner as for other professional services. The Commissioning Agent (CxA) is competitively selected primarily on the basis of qualifications and not solely on price. Task order selection procedures must comply with the contract provisions for task order issuance. The content of Performance Work Statements are to be aligned with standard task order formats, and include requirements, deliverables, and the period of performance. National Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts for commissioning services must be utilized if available.

CxA services are generally contracted according to a two phase fee negotiation process. The first phase includes Design Stage responsibilities and the second phase includes Construction and Post-Construction activities. This two phase process allows for the negotiation of the initial fee to be based on known general factors, and negotiation of the Construction and Post-Construction Stage fee based upon a substantially completed design and the actual type and number of equipment, systems and assemblies to be inspected, started and tested. Within the Design Stage proposal, the CxA shall be asked to provide budgetary numbers for the Construction and Post-Construction Stages.

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