The proposal need not be voluminous, but shall provide sufficient information to allow GSA to evaluate the consultant’s approach, experience, staff, and availability. The proposer shall:

  1. Limit their proposal to 15 single-sided pages, including graphics. A letter of introduction, section dividers, detailed resumes, and the sample work products of item five below are not included in this limit.
  2. Have the proposal signed by an officer of the proposing firm with the authority to commit the firm.
  3. Each firm on the commissioning team must document the firm's experience, and present case examples of not more than four projects that they have commissioned.
  4. Provide an organization chart for managing and executing this contract.
  5. List the individual(s) who will serve as the lead commissioning agent for the design stage and for the construction phase of the contract (they may be different people).
  6. Provide resumes for key staff and subconsultants. The resumes shall include specific information about expertise in commissioning tasks, (e.g., design reviews, specification writing, commissioning management, troubleshooting, test writing, test execution, energy management, sustainable design, etc.).
  7. Briefly describe relevant experience of the proposer’s team in the following areas. List involvement of key team members.

    a) projects similar to this one;

    b) Operations & Maintenance (O&M) experience;

    c) energy-efficient equipment design and control strategy optimization;

    d) project and construction management; and

    e) system design (specify disciplines)

    f) system troubleshooting

    g) experience in environmental sustainable design

    h) knowledge and experience in fire protection and life safety systems
  8. Describe your proposed approach to managing the project expertly and efficiently, including distribution of tasks, travel, duration of which staff will be on site during what periods of time, etc. Describe what approach you will take to integrate the commissioning into the normal design and construction process in order to minimize potential time delays. Describe what you will do to foster teamwork and cooperation from contractors and design team and what you will do to minimize adversarial relationships. Describe how you intend to determine the appropriate level of commissioning effort for the various systems and equipment.
  9. As an attachment, provide the following work products that members of the proposer’s team developed. List the team member who actually wrote the document and the projects on which they were used. Work from the designated Commissioning Provider is preferred.

    a) commissioning plan that was executed (the process part of the plan);

    b) commissioning specifications; and

    c) an actual functional test procedure form that was executed (the filled out version).
  10. Provide a fixed, lump sum total cost to accomplish the work for the design stage. All task amounts include associated meetings, progress reports and direct costs (travel, mileage, per diem, communications, etc.). Use the budget table format below to provide a cost breakdown. Also provide a loaded hourly rate for each team member for work that may exceed the scope. For each phase, provide the percentage level of effort for each primary team member.
  11. For planning purposes, the proposer must also provide a cost “estimate” range for the construction and warranty phase tasks using the form below. Also provide an hourly rate for each team member for work that may exceed the scope. For each phase, provide the percentage level of effort for each primary team member.
  12. Provide a statement of proposer’s liability insurance coverage (type, and dollar amount of coverage). Proof of this insurance will be required prior to the award of this contract to the winning proposal.

The respondent must submit two (2) copies of the proposal, each signed by an authorized representative of the firm. Submit to <INSERT NAME AND ADDRESS>.

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